Royal Vegas Casino - Constant technical issues!

posted on July 29, 2013.

I have been a VIP member to the Royal Vegas Casino (Fortune Lounge Group) and want to warn everyone who ever wants to play or thinking to spend their hard earned money further.

Even I have been complaining for several months of the bad casino gaming performance, no one not even Executive Management was willing to look into the issues. I had screenshots and even videos showing the problems but no one cares.

Here are the problems I have been experiencing since end of last year and continuesly since beginning of this year:

- Reels spinning continously

- Error messages whilst playing games

- Games playing to slowly

- Errors when loading games

- Login not possible after deposit

- Logged out while gaming playing and games were good

- Was unable to play jackpot slots for many weeks and also other games

- Jackpot thermometer was showing 0 everytime after deposit

All comment I received was bad luck and my internet connection. I have taken a video were I deposited and afterwards couldn't login. The casino was trying to load and load while at the back I was able to watch videos, surf online etc. So it is not my internet connection, by the way I have the highest internet connection you can get in Germany. And what has bad luck to do with Error messages, games not loading..such nonsense comments of them.

I have also written a ripoff report comment at


Please askgamblers, maybe you can help me with this Royal Vegas issue. I want to be fairly treated and I want my deposits back since I was experiencing this huge problems. This is at least what they can do. I have been patient, I have been friendly and now its their turn to proof that they are honest and trustworthy.

posted on July 29, 2013.

I had to file a new report so that my report stands alone. Here is the new link to the report and you will also find links to the videos: