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Slot Crazy Casino - Refusing to pay winnings


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Kevinsmbuk United Kingdom Message
Posted on August 5, 2016

I opened up an account with slots crazy recently and began to play. I didn't use a bonus. I deposited 20 overall and won 510 pounds. I withdrew then the next day I had an email saying my refusal was denied, they were going to return my deposit and freeze my account. Unknown to me slots crazy is associated with the 'Cassava group' which own 888.com. over 5 years ago I excluded from 888.com for 5 years (I felt it was a good tool to curb spending less, we are talking 20 quids here not hundreds or anything like that). They are saying that because I excluded from 888.com that they won't pay me as it's part of the same group of companies.

My defense is simple. Firstly I had no idea and how would the average user know if two companies are the same? Secondly I used the same username, contact number and email address so why wasn't it instantly blocked? Thirdly the money was won fair and square and I was outside their maximum exclusion period anyway so it shouldn't make a difference.

Can someone advise me on this?



Posted on August 8, 2016


Please let us know if there's some update on your issue.