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Smart Live Casino - Refusing to pay legitimate wiinings

posted on April 20, 2015.

i was recently deposited 20 pound and received new player bonus of 30 pounds i played through my bonus and funds of 1200 became available funds i tried to withdraw these funds but was told needed to verify my details i then verified my details and still they refuse to pay saying i broke there terms of the bonus and was betting irregular on more than 15 numbers at roulette, i was playing the on every casino site
and when you play through your bonus funds become available, i believe i was betting correctly. they just don;t what to pay out. please can you help. i was playing on there site for nearly 3 days and when wanting to withdraw winnings thay have declined them.

posted on April 13, 2015.


Thank you for keeping in touch.

We appreciate your comments however having reviewed your account with us, it does show that you did breach the terms and conditions of our welcome bonus Match 150.

This explains why your winnings have been removed from your Smart Live account as we have only complied by these terms of which states;

Before any withdrawals are processed, your play will be reviewed for any irregular playing patterns. In the interests of fair gaming, equal, zero or low margin bets or hedge betting, shall all be considered irregular gaming for Bonus play through requirement purposes. Other examples of irregular game play include, placing single bets equal to or in excess of 25% of the value of the bonus before wagering requirements for the bonus have been met. Should SmartLive deem that irregular game play has occurred, it reserves the right to withhold any withdrawals and/or confiscate all winnings.

According to your account history you did place single bets equal to or in excess of 25% of the value of the bonus and this will not be accepted as this was found on your account after you tried to make a withdrawal.

I am sorry that you are not happy with our decision on this matter. As you are not satisfied, you may follow our complaints procedure as this has already been sent to you. We will be happy to provide proof in our defense to any third party bodies, if required.

Kind Regards,

Smart Live Casino.

posted on April 13, 2015.

i was betting on over 15 numbers or more on roulette, different amounts on each number, i bet the same way on william hill casino, ,supercasino, jacpot24/7 casino, gala gasino, betfair casino, betway casino, 888 casino. paddy power casino, these are all uk casino's not one of them have accused me of irregular game play, my belief is that you are making it virtually impossible for people to win when they except your bonus, i would advise all people not to touch your bonus scheme as the odds are stacked against the player,which i think is unfair on your part,and its you who are using irregular bonus schemes to rip people off, maybe you should follow examples of other well established casino sites and make your bonus scheme fair, you have 2 rules for your bonus were other casino site make it simple you bet 20 times more than you deposit, you get to keep winnings. i would advise all players to stick with the casino sites i mentioned above, and keep well clear of your site.

posted on April 14, 2015.


We do appreciate all your comments and we will be taking this on board in order to improve our product and services.

Smart Live is a completely fair and legally operating company and our rules are different from other Casino's which is why we clearly state that you read and understand the terms and conditions before you start playing.

I am sorry that your account was flagged due to the breach of our welcome bonus terms and conditions. Please note that we have had and still have players winning on our site after following the rules of the bonus offer and all players are different as this may suite their style of play. If this does not suite them, there are other variety of bonus offers to choose from in order to keep them satisfied.

Thanks again for keeping in touch.


Smart Live Casino.

posted on April 14, 2015.

ok i placed over 100 to 200 different bets on roulette a few bets that you have highlighted that broke your terms, as you claim to be a fair betting site, deduct the bets that broke your rules from the 1200 i won and pay me the rest as i did stick to your rules on nearly every other bet. also i would advise that you dont make funds available until all your betting rules have been adhered to, that way your customers are not lead to believe they have won would cut down alot of wasted time on complaints.. on all other casino sites funds are not seen as withdraw until the bonus rules have been met. maybe you could try to do the same.

posted on April 15, 2015.


Unfortunately we will not be able to do this as we have already complied with our terms and conditions.

We at Smart Live are happy to pay out if you did follow the rules in the first instance however as you did place single bets equal to or in excess of 25% of the value of the bonus, there will be no prize awarded on this occasion.

Our decision has been made and there is no need to be going around in circles. If you feel your query has not been dealt with as you wish or you are not satisfied, please feel free to follow our complaints procedure as you have already been informed.

Thanks for keeping in touch.


Smart Live Casino.

posted on April 15, 2015.

hi please see email received by you below, and sent by me below. also see below my opinion on this matter.

Dear Julie,

Thank you for playing at Smart Live Casino.
I am pleased to confirm that your missing winnings of 100 has now been credited to your account. Feel free to log in and join the games. We apologize for the inconvenience.

If you have any questions or queries please feel free to contact our 24 hour live support, we will be happy to help.

Best Regards,

Smart Live Casino


Hi I was playing London roulette about 8pm tonight sunday 4th of april and it was taking my bets money was coming of my account but I won on number 1 then number 6 then a bet on black and it never added the winnings to my account
I have now withdrawn all my remaining balance due to this, please can you resolve this matter.


username: juliewin

IT has been brought to my attention by my partner that when we were playing on your site and that bets were not showing as been received so we placed the bets on again and again this happen quite a few times which is why i dont think i broke your rules intentionally , i could not see amount i was betting or if the bet and been placed at all, we were having problems with your site not recorded my winnings which as you can see on above email you sent me, you confirmed that there was problems with winnings not recording in my balance and payed me 100 pound into my balance. i believe i was following your rules and the fact that i could not see if my bets had been placed resulted in me betting twice or three times which would have caused me to break your rules. i believe this is down to your site having problems with making balances visible at the time. if you are still not prepared to pay me 1200 winnings then i will go to the complaints department as i believe i have a strong case that your site was having technical difficulties at the time i was playing, which you clearly admit to through emails you sent me regarding this and is the reason why i unknowingly broke your rules.

kind regards

look forward to your response
kind regards julie

posted on April 16, 2015.


Please be informed that you having missed spins on your account has no connection with you not adhering to the terms and conditions of the bonus that you claimed.

From the start of our correspondence till now, you have gone from claiming that you did not break any terms, to admitting you broke the terms on some bets to claiming that you breaking these terms was not done intentionally because you could not see the bets you were playing due to technical issues.

The fact that you were able to see the bets for which you won on shows this to be false as there were no graphics issue that would warrant a customer not being able to see the placed bets but then see winning bets. The bets in question that exceed our 25% clause were also placed at the same time as each bet confirmation is recorded separately. If a bet was placed twice, it will come up on your account history which is not so in your case.

As earlier stated, we will not be going around in circles. If you do feel you have a strong case, feel free to follow our complaints procedure which has already been provided to you. This will be our final correspondence with regards to this query. Any further correspondences which are not in line with our complaints procedure will be respectfully ignored.

Thanks for keeping in touch.


Smart Live Casino

posted on April 20, 2015.

Based on the evidence that we received from casino management, we can confirm that player did breach Terms and Conditions of the casino. Player's deposit will be refunded. We consider this complaint resolved.

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