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Grosvenor Casino - Refusal to pay me back my deposits


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Posted on March 1, 2017

This is a true real life account of Grosvenor online casino complete failure for me as a customer & total lack of any kind of customer service

This is a current case that started on 13th Feb when I withdrew:
£364 to my current account
£1000 to my Visa
£3600 to my mastercard

This is exactly how I deposited it so I'm just withdrawing in reverse.

£364 got credited 2 days later the other £4600 is to this day over 2 weeks later still pending
I needed to make these withdrawals to purchase a new car for my work because my current one went bang

I spent over 7 hours on the phone in week 1
I spent over 6 hours on the phone in week 2
And I have phone records to prove including everyone I have spoken to and what was said.

I have never once swore or be rude, I have however stuck to my guns and been adamant and firm that this is sorted as the up-most priority.
I have been assured this is at director level of which I seriously question because my only point of contact is now a call center manager who refuses to call me at all since last Wednesday at 4pm.

Anytime I call Grosvenor on any number be it their helpline, their head office or and person I speak to everyone is under strict orders to rail road me off the phone and say nothing.

This whole incident has put me through severe mental stress, a complete loss of time and a total amazement of how bad a customer can be treated by an online casino who claims to be number 1.

I had email contact with one of the directors up until a week ago when he decided to go on annual leave and didn't tell me so my further 5 emails have so far been ignored and my case downgraded to a call center manager who refuses to call me at all. This particular director emailed me stating he is 100% happy and satisfied my transactions were good from my end and that it is just a problem they have with a 3rd party gateway payment provider.

Last contact I had was from the customer escalations team informing me of how sorry they are but when I replied I have not had a further reply since 4 days ago.

I have had the phone repeatedly put down on me including by one of the PA's to one of the directors.

Nobody in their company will call me or speak to me or resolve this matter in any way shape or form.

I have proposed they call into play the offshore safety account that they have that matches all customer deposits for times of crisis and refund me my money out of that and keep the glitched money but all I have had is complete silence on the idea and the director who I was in emaill contact with acknowledged the possibility by saying he would need to seek higher authorization.. this was over a week ago now.

I even tried cancelling the £4600 withdrawal 4 days ago then tried a £300 one instead based on what a manager told me in day 4 of this hideous affair, she told me that because the amount was for over £500 this is now being processed manually and they claimed that all their systems went down the day I made the withdrawal 2 weeks ago and there is a big back log and mine is in the cue.

How much truth that is in anything I have been told by anyone so far is anyone's guess.

One thing remains, I am owed £4600 that are my deposits, no winnings. I cant buy a car that I needed for work 2 weeks ago.

A total lack of care for my situation, refusal to call me or email me back and instructions for everyone in the compay to keep their mouths shut if I call and to give one name of a call center manager who is supposedly dealing with it but that person refuses to call me and instaed of dealing with my case has a full day of recruitment complete with interviews and then a day in London apparently..

Not one person in your company right the way up to near the top gives a dam about my account, they are sitting on countless hundreds of thousands of pounds of profit but they wont pay me back my deposit at all and no date or time of when they plan to pay it back either, is this the behavior of the UK's number one casino?

May I have my money back the day that you see this email and please do consider compensation on top for all the time and energy I have spent trying to get anyone in your company to listen as it has been extremly stressful my end and yet even more time wasted writing this email and putting together the supporting materials to back up what I am saying.

My next options are to lodge a big complaint with the gaming commission and the 3rd party ombudsman and to have investigations launched with my banks as to when I am getting it back and why you are taking over 2 weeks to complete a withdrawal back to a customer

I have tried every possible avenue of solution and I am exhausted so its time to get outside help starting with posting this to ask gamblers and then you might listen and pay me back my £4600. Come on guys think outside the box and pay me back what I am owed and di it out of your own pockets and keep the glitched money.. It is so simple

I want a phone call from someone who cares and with someone with a solution not just an update telling me you are no closer to fixing it once a week. Think of the customer please the people who make up why you are a business in the 1st place.

I have recently changed my number and it should show on your system


Posted on March 1, 2017

Update to this case:

I have called there customer service centre about 3 times a day since last Wednesday which was my last contact from anyone at Grove nor. . I've requested a call cack from the directors every single time and I've been assured the message's are being passed on.. All my emails are still being ignored and I've still had no phone call from anyone at all.. My last contact was over 1 week and a day ago.. Complaints have been lodged with IBAS the 3rd party Ombudsman and the gaming commission who don't normally get involved but are now looking at this from a regulatory point of view.. I have given both organisations the full bundle of evidence including screen shots of everything and the diary of every single phone call what was said and who I spoke to.. I want this sorting out quicker then ASAP.. I need to buy a car for work well actually I needed it 2.5 weeks ago..

Such a simple solution.. Grosvenor keeps the glitched £4600 and then they pay me £4600 from their accounts.. What's difficult about that?

Posted on March 1, 2017

Called the call center 4 times today and was promised 4 times I will be getting a call today from the customer services Director who I will not name but I know who he is.. This is the same guy who hasn't replied to the last 5 emails I sent him.. Problem now being it is coming up to 5:30pm and I've had no phone call yet.. Yet another day of stress and worry about where when my £4600 will be returned

Posted on March 1, 2017

Another 3 phone calls to the customer call center this evening. All three times I have been promised a call back by the director of customer service. Its now 7pm and no call and still no reply to my emails. I get the impression I am being totally refused any access or update about my case full stop no matter how many times I call in or who I speak to. So my £4600 is sitting in my online account and they continue to refuse to give me it back or have anyone with any knowledge about it speak with me at all in any way.. UK's number one casino yeah?

Posted on March 1, 2017

It's almost 8pm and Grosvenors silence is deafening.. They have £4600 of my money and are refusing to talk to me full stop.. At this stage I have every right to call them crooks

Posted on March 3, 2017

May I have it removed from your website. I said I would ask you as they have contacted me today about this and paid what they owed me.. thanks..

Posted on March 3, 2017

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

Thank you all for your cooperation.