21 Nova Casino - Refusal/delay of deposit refund

Stonner144 United Kingdom
posted on April 29, 2015.

I deposited £50 some time ago, but was unable to use the games as my laptop dosn't allow for the new flashplayer. I have therefore requested my £50 back. They are constantly trying to delay this and after several weeks I still do not have my money. First they said that I had taken a bonus but I hadn't, They then tried this one again (!!). Then they asked for photocopies of ID which I sent, only for them to say that actual photos are required. I have sent these but they now say that they should be clearer. They are perfectly fine and I am not sure how I can get them any clearer than a photograph (answers on a postcard please!). They also say that they cannot refund to my card and can only send a bankers draft, but guess what, they will only do this for £100 and I only have £50! I could of course deposit another £50 to make £100 but will I ever see it again? I personally doubt it! I will keep battling to get my money back, but it is looking ncreasingly likley that I have lost my money so please everybody heed the warning.