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Prestige Casino - Account closed winnings not paid

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Prestige Casino
Reason Account closure
Posted on May 16, 2014

I signed up to Prestige with 100 gbp and a 150 gbp bonus.

I met the wagering requirements, and withdrew £2,769.01.

This was on February the second.

I got an email from Prestige, saying they were closing my account due to bonus abuse also 09/02

I can only assume this was because I also had Eurogrand and 21 NOva a/cs. I lost money on Eurogrand. And the hilarious thing about 21 NOva, is that THEY sent ME an email about 21 nova and the sign up offer!!! How can they call me an abuser for playing unsolicited offers?!!??

I complained about this, and then the withdrawal seemed to be going ok.

They asked for ID and pics of my debit card. I sent it.

They asked for signed deposit confirmation. I sent it.

And when I chased the withdrawal this week, they said I just had to re request, as it was over 7 days to send the deposit confirmation.

Now I cant even open the account.

I'm hoping a reasonable outcome can be made here.

I do not want to drag William hills name through the mud, and potentially go to court over such a petty amount of money. It's truly embarrassing for a FTSE company to behave this way.

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