Play Million Casino - Withdrawal request denied, cancelled winnings

posted on February 9, 2014.

Recently I participated in a tournament and managed to win $6000 on a slot. I sent a withdrawal request, and contacted a day later to check progress. I was advised everything was fine and it would be processed after midnight the following business day. The next evening I got a call, at 2:30 am telling me my winnings were void because my individual bets exceeded more than 10% of my bonus balance, which I only had because it was required in order to participate in the tournament, and was playing the game they had specified.

The thing is though I now feel like the whole promotion is setting people up to fail, why are they even offering smaller bonus amounts if they need to deposit over $300 minimum (at 50% bonus) to be able to play a game for a tournament which is $15 minimum each spin. If this is such a common mistake, why yet hasn't a warning been added to the terms and condition, I feel as if they encourage the mistake? Does this make sense to you? I feel like I've been scammed

The Bonus codes they offered were as follows:

Amount % Bonus Code

€40 – €69 10% REALKICK1

€70 – €99 25% REALKICK2

€100 + 50% REALKICK3

And this is the rule they say I broke:

"Placing single or multiple bets equal to or greater than 10% of the value of the bonus credited to the player account on a single game or hand, increasing the balance then changing the gaming pattern significantly (bet, game type, bet structure, etc) in order to complete the wagering requirements for that bonus."

This, in particular, is what still gives me pause. Because that rule is referring to cheating the system in order to complete the wagering requirements for that bonus (which was $4, so I clearly wasn't doing that), whereas I was simply trying to participate in the tournament as was advised, and as the tournament demanded. I didn't raise the bet or change my the betting pattern at all, as the rule references, I just hit spin, on the minimum amount needed to play all lines, on the game they specified. The bonus I used from the REALKICK promotion so I could enter the tournament was the smallest one. Knowing what I know now, and if it was my only bonus as it very well could have been and may have been for some, it would of been literally impossible to play the game required (Safe Hackers) under 10% of that bonus, even playing only one line at minimum bet.

I've now read these rules repeatedly, and I felt that I have honoured them to the best of my ability given the participation requirements of the game I was given to play by the REALKICK tournament. I feel that it is clear my exceeding the 10% allotted amount was NOT in order to complete the wagering requirements for a bonus, and therefore I have not broken this rule.

When I pleaded all of this with the casino, and after much pushing of my VIP manager, they decided to give me a $500 bonus a month for 6 months (total of $3000) on the condition that I deposit a minimum of $100 a month and remain an active member.

To summaries. I was participating in a tournament, betting what it required to play, which had no relevance whatsoever on the wagering requirements for the bonus I was required to take in order to enter. And, note, in this particular tournament that anyone using REALKICK1 and REALKICK2's codes winnings would also be void, and only at over three times the REALKICK3 amount to be valid.

I am a daily player. I've spent thousands and thousands in this casino and this was my first ever big withdrawal. I know that they don't technically have to give me anything, so I don't really know how to proceed with this. Maybe I should just feel grateful... but I just feel so wronged.

Any advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,


P.s. I have screenshots for all of this but for some reason they wouldn't copy into this message. If you have a direct email instead I would be happy to send them through.