Platinum Play Casino - want my money

posted on November 3, 2012.

I deposited a pre paid master card of 50 dollars about 2 weeks ago. That day i had won 1300 cad.

I tried to withdraw but they say I need to show proof of my address. I gave them my drivers license that has my address on it. I gave them my paystub that has my adress on it. still wasn't good enough for them. So they asked me for a bank statement from my bank with an official stamp on it. I sent that today and they tell me its not sufficient enough. They need a better form that is signed from the bank. Who do these people think they are? my bank will never give me a singed document. I guess the next thing is they might want a vile of my blood. I'm obviously getting the run around and you think if they have the balls to put out a casino atleast they can man up and pay up assholes.

I know what the response will be, all the bullshit they have been sending me, please seed a utility bill and a copy of you're credit card blah blah blah.