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Platinum Play Casino team gave me the run around for my withdrawal $300 in last 10 days!

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Platinum Play Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Amount $ 300
sazzad Bangladesh Message
Posted on April 14, 2015

Hello dear Askgamber,I had claimed 100% bonus and some winning from FREE play offer on 2nd April.According to their bonus terms I had met 40X rollover by play several slots and then I requested a withdrawal of $300.After along weekend passed my withdraw request went to finance department.In the mean time I had verified my account by sending documents from their security team. Now I should get money $300 on next batch as they (several customer support agent) stated many times,almost every day.I had took their all screen shots our conversations to prove how they continuously lied and never paid me till today.Every day they saying that my withdrawal will be processed at the end of the day.But every single day they disappointed me by their false promises and seems they don't have willing to pay.I have attached some screenshots of their false promises on different occasions.

So,I can't imagine how come they making false promises and intended look like not to pay or torture!I am very much disappoint for their false information.Every single day I am waiting to receive my fair and squire winnings $300 from Platinum Play Casino.They now running around and have not paid me on time.

Dear Askgambler,please help me to get my $300.Now I am very sick frustrated for their false activities.All documents have been attached for review how they continuously lied with me every single day.Help Me please!!

sazzad Bangladesh Message
Posted on April 15, 2015

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Dear Askgamblers, Hope you are doing well as you serving players well so far. Today I got a email from casino security team (2nd time but 1st time I got same email on 6th April) who has stated that all required documents have been received for approval my withdrawals and they have stored those documents if need for future.I don't feel necessary to post here their personal correspondences for their security.All in all I am now well verified player of than.So,I let them know I am pleased because I thought They are going to process my payment $300 today.Surprisingly,I was totally wrong thought!!!So,I went to live chat for discuss out matters but nobody had responded nearly 1 (one) hour,as I guessed they intentionally did that with me!!

But I did not gave up and kept trying to get connect with a representative. Finally I had managed to connect with a representative name "Herbert" and then I had explained him everything details from beginning.Then he went to find out my file and had kept me waiting atleast 10 minutes,but I didn't mind it though.So,after 1o minutes he came to chat and gave me a good,fair,honest news that they approved my withdrawal $30 our chat conversaion)0 and he also stated (dramatically which you everybody see I have attached

sazzad Bangladesh Message
Posted on April 15, 2015

You will see the proof in this screen shot that my withdrawal has been approved and is being processed though I did not receive anything from casino.Today is the12th day when I made withdraw request for first time.

sazzad Bangladesh Message
Posted on April 17, 2015


Ohh man...I never experienced such kind of armatu­re,­lia­r,i­lli­terate support representatives before.They are really horrible and still running around for processed to be resolved.I am attaching more proves how they treated with me and how much a big liar some of them.But among then I met a very nice professional rep name "Lee Anne" She explained everything clearly and gave me a final word that I will receive my payment on Monday (20th April). But it is 100% true that they everybody want me suffering pain,frustrations for my winning $300 withdrawal request.Now have you look their horrible services they served me.Now I am looking forward to receive my $300 within Monday (20th April) as their final promise .Thank you everybody for review.

Posted on April 21, 2015

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