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Platinum Play Casino - Falsified help live chat - bonus given against will

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Disputed casino Platinum Play Casino
Reason Bonus removal
Posted on May 16, 2014

Hello - this evening I signed up to PPC.

I was depositing quite heavily, and then they approached me for a bonus.

I declined at first, so they tried again - I did not respond.

I then was in significant profit, and went to cash out - I was told I had a bonus still active.

Consequently, I went to the live help, and they claimed I had accepted the bonus.

They falsified the transcript - adding two lines by me, that never occurred.

I was so unbelievably shocked.

They even used the fact I deposited twice (by accident) in the help chat. If the time stamps were shown, it would be clear that these were done well before the supposed chat lines were added:

(I have replaced my name with "ME")

Skyler : Hi there ME

Skyler : I would really like to work out a bonus for you before you make your next deposit.

Skyler : Can we maybe do that for you quickly?

Skyler : Yes?

ME : ok how much?

ME : and is it free to use?

ME : or restricted

Skyler : Well, here's what I'm thinking ME - how about we get you registered with one of our sister casino 'Euro Palace' where If/when you Deposit say 1500 now with me - you could max your first deposit bonus then I will throw in a rounded off 1500 bonus and you will play with 3000 + I will immediately give you 2500 loyalty points + 100 FREE spins that no other player is getting -:) How is that to get you started?

Skyler : I'm sure that can/will make a difference in your play, yes?

ME : its ok im good

ME : i think im done shortly

Skyler : Oh ok, just thought we could get something a little EXTRA for you .

Skyler : ..before you go, do you think i could check something for on here?

ME : ok

Skyler : Great, please hold

Skyler : Ok ME, I'm sure you would agree that when you make another deposit of 1000 will not go to waste when I give you an additional 575 bonus + those 100 FREE spins to use, rite?

Skyler : How does that sound?


ME : ok deposit in

Skyler : FUNTASTIC!!!

Skyler : Hold on ME, I thought we were doing a 1000 deposit for that loveky bonus I promised

ME : sory about that doing another 500

Player no longer available.

I then requested a copy of both transcripts - help chat, and bonus invitation.

The formats were different, and the help chat had a time stamp - every line!, whereas the bonus one did not... The agent simply added and faked my words. I had deposited over 4k GBP, and had over 6k in my cash. I was forced to try and play the bonus, and subsequently lost the money - which is less important, but highly annoying.

Never in all my years have I ever seen anything like this.

I have complained to Malta LTA regulator, submitted the two transcripts, one with times, one without to show inconsistency.

It is the most abhorrent behaviour I have ever seen from an online casino, and in my eyes counts as theft.

Please let me know if you can help, as currently I am out of pocket, and lost all faith in these companies.

Surely they keep un-tampered records.

I am genuinely considering legal action

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

For now I advise everyone to be very careful with this site and Fortune Lounger group.

Posted on April 11, 2014

Dear @sjyank,

Please let us know if there's an update regarding your ongoing complaint.

Posted on April 12, 2014

Platinum play have admitted fault, are dismissing the employee who falsified the chat and have refunded me the amount when I first tried to withdraw.

Whilst it was an absolute nightmare to get to this point, they are now acting extremely responsibly and will be ensuring this won't happen again.

One thing I have found slightly absurd is the amount of documents, and the amount of times, I have been asked to submit them. I even had to take a picture with me and my debit card! However, if it all ends well, it is worth the time.

Anyhow, once the withdrawal is finalised and received, I will consider this complaint closed, and will only have full respect for the way the senior management at the group have handled this.

Will update once money is received

Posted on April 12, 2014

AskGamblers Complaints Team have been informed by the player that their complaint has been successfully resolved. 

The case is being officially closed now.

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