Piggs Peak Internet Casino - Delays! Delays! And no layalty to cutomers

philz33 Canada
posted on February 14, 2014.

I am usually very happy with microgaming viper casinos. I usually play platinum play at about 1000 a month if not more. And I have won some lost some you know how it goes. Id like to say i enjoy playing on weekends and the odd evening during the week.

I have won a few times over 3, 4, grand and never cashed out because I find it thrilling to play at high wages when i can. I hit upto 5 thousand on the 10th of febuary but only wanted to cash out 1500 by the time i was finished for the night. I was playing at pigs peak casino for the 5th time because i was advised from a platinum play rep to give it a try.

The next day I sent them my documentation.The following day they said they needed a better view of my credit card. So i sent it again.It wasnt good enough so i had sent it 2 more times!! The next day they say it wasn't good enough and need 2 more credit cards to verify. I wasn't very pleased as I explained to them I only use one of those cards for playing.

I would like to think I am a loyal customer of Viper casinos and should get better service than these delays I am getting. Ive sent these documents over and over im not sure what the problem is.

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