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posted on July 29, 2012.

I made a withdrawal request of 2000.00 on May 28th,after weeks of saying they had a backlog of payments,they sent it to my netspend card as a refund know I had not made that large of a purchase,now the card has blocked my payment so i can not use the money,the card says I have to send a recite or the casino will have to call merchant services,I just recieved another e-mail from the casino saying they e-mailed the card company ,with no responce,but when i call the card company they say they will not respond without the recite,they have to call merchant services,to make a reversal of payment,the casino says they cannot reverse payment and then resend as a deposite or send it to me another way I tried to get the card to just send the omney back to the depositer and they said they will not unless they call,will i ever get my money-Go to Previous message | Go to Next message | Back to MessagesMark as Unread | Print ReplyReply AllMove...datingjob appsmy stufftax infountitled

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From: "withd­raw­als­@pu­rev­ega­sca­sin­" Add sender to ContactsTo: dragon­fly­_19­[email protected]­yah­oo.c­omDear Deborah,

posted on August 5, 2012.

Hi Dragonfly58,

I believe you have been in touch with our withdrawals department about this issue. We have contacted the processor on your behalf and they are prepared to send the necessary paperwork to your card company in order to have these funds released.

Please continue to be in touch with withdr­awa­[email protected]­pur­eve­gas­cas­

Kind Regards,

Pure Vegas Casino

posted on August 14, 2012.

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