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b-Bets Casino - Received only 500Euro out of 900Euro

Posted on 20 July 2015

I made a deposit of 50euro without any bonus! I dont use bonuses anymore because of all the T&C. Started playing and ended at 900euro, made a withdraw with banktransfer, after a couple of days waiting i got my money sent to skrill, only recived the amount of 500euro.

Contacted the support regarding this issues. Tought that maby the other 400euro will be sent to my bank. Got the answer from the chatt support that there was a "note" on my withdraw that I have used the 400% deposit bonus, and that the other 400euro is not possible to withdraw due to T&C for the bonus.

I dident use any bonus. And its not possible for me to use the 400% bonus when i make a deposit of 50euro because the max deposit with that bonus is 40euro. Its not possible to select that bonus when you are making a deposit. Only made a deposit of 50euro with my skrill account and i choosed "no bonus"

On the picture you can see my deposit (my only deposite made on this site) and its on 50euro. On the other picture you can see the bonuses avaible if you make a deposit, and or there site the "bonus terms" says "1.1 Welcome bonus

The welcome bonus is only available for new players with a unique account.
The desired welcome bonus can be chosen from the time of registration, the available bonuses may change.
A welcome bonus may only be claimed once.
The welcome bonus is bound by minimum bet conditions, details of which can be found below."

And there you go! I did not make a deposit with a 400% bonus. I did not use 100% or 30% or anything. I selected NO BONUS and i should recive all my winnings.

Posted on 11 July 2015

Still waiting, contacting the support everyday and I am getting the same answer all the time... Talked to the support yesterday and got this.

Queue: Hi, we will now transfer your chat request...
niklas: Hello!
You are now chatting with Marijanna.
Marijanna: hello again
niklas: Goday Marijanna! Have you heard anything ? Are that department working weekends?
Marijanna: no not yet, but they do work and process payouts over weekend
niklas: Okej good! You do know what the issues is right?
Marijanna: yes I do know it and I'm pretty sure where mistake was made from their side
Marijanna: and I'm sure this will be fixed for you, as every time when a mistake is made from our side it is solved
Marijanna: it does though take some tome
Marijanna: *time
Marijanna: but I know you will get the rest of your payout
Marijanna: I'm just sorry you have to wait this long for it
niklas: Thanks!
niklas: Because it correct that to get the 400% bonus you can max deposit 40euro right?
Marijanna: well you can deposit as much as you can, but if you select this bonus only 40 eur max will be credited
Marijanna: but there is no data that you took a bonus with your deposit
niklas: no, try ;)
niklas: Its not possible to even select it if you over 40euro
Marijanna: really :) thank you, I didn't even know this information

And there you got it. " Marijanna: but there is no data that you took a bonus with your deposit "
This is so anoying i have been waiting since the 4 July, thats 7 days. And i am getting the same answer EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Did like this this site, so i hope the fix my problem soon so i can keep playing.

Posted on 11 July 2015

This is an answer i got from them to my email! THIS IS A DAMN JOKE

Dear Niklas,

We have just received a reply from our Player's management and Financial department regarding the last payout made to your Skrill account.

The full investigation of your transactions was performed and they found out following:

You indeed didn't select any bonus upon your deposit of 50 eur made. But it was also found that the winnings you gained and requested to be paid out were made solely with a no deposit bonus you won on one of our auctions (2.50 eur and 10 eur bonus accepted on July 7th). At the moment you accepted those bonuses your account balance was 0 and for this reason the no deposit bonus payout terms on your requested payout of 900 eur should have been applied.

According to these terms you were only entitled to be paid out the maximum amount of 10 times the bonus received (12.50 eur x 10 equals 120 eur).

Our player's management has concluded that no additional refunds are supposed to be made to your account as you already received much more than your account qualified for.

I apologize for the time you had to wait for response of our departments and regret any inconveniences this may caused you.

Let us know if you have more questions, we are happy to help you!

b-Bets support - help

Posted on 11 July 2015

I deposited 50euro! WON 900 WITHDRAWED 900euro! Then i bided on a stupid autcion on there site and won 2.5euro and 10euro ! And that have nothing to do with my withdraw! You fix this right away!

auction won "(2.50 eur and 10 eur bonus accepted on July 7th)"

DEPOSIT MADE " € 900.00 Withdrawal 04-07-2015 13:26:11 5597c2d372724 "

Oh my god! You are just fooling people. This is not a seriuos site indeed. Please close done your site and stop frauding players please.

Posted on 11 July 2015

This is the worst site I ever played on! And trust me I have played on many sites. If i deposit 50euro and won 900euro! Thats my winnings. Then i get some "b" that i can try to win auction with! I won 2 auction after my withdraw was made. on 2.5euro and 10euro. And that costed me 400euro! Please, report this site!

Posted on 11 July 2015

Lets see here, First we make up a reasons not to pay your winnings by saying that you have used a 400% bonus. When that dident fool me we make a new reason. Great casino! Tumb up for you! If this doesnt work you might say that swedish players are allowed or something?

Posted on 12 July 2015

This i what i think the problem is and what i did! I deposited 50euro to my b-bets account ! I won 650euro! And made a withdraw with them! After that my account was at 0. Then I won 2 auction, one of 2.5euro and one of 10euro with the "b" i get on your site. This money when straight to 0, no winnings. And after that I cancled my withdraw (My winnings) And played a bit more, and won 900euro without any bonus or freespins or anything! I Then I made a withdraw again of 900euro. I cant understand what the problem is. Please!

Posted on 16 July 2015

Dear @nikla­s.s­ven­sso­n.355,
Any update regarding your complaint?
Thank you.

Posted on 19 July 2015

I must say, I just recived my missing 400euro to my skrill account from B-bets. I had given up the hope for this site because I have not had any contact with them. Recived my mney, but no answer here or on my email! I think they figuerd out the problem! So thanks Askgamber and thanks b-bets. complaint resolved.

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