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Campeonbet Casino - Not taking responsible actions to keep my account permanently closed

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Campeonbet Casino
Reason Double charge/Refund
Amount € 1200
mdutchy Netherlands Message
Posted on July 5, 2018


I would like to file a complaint towards Campeonbet casino. I tried to settle this via management of Campeonbet but they are not tempting to help me out or to provide me with a definitive answer regarding this situation.

As you can see from my chat conversation (which is attached) I asked them to close my account permanently due to a gambling problem. In my opinion the chat operator was not very helpful at all and she looks a bit annoyed due to the fact that I had not deposited before. Strange reaction considering I just told them that I have a gambling addiction. But anyway, a week later (on june 27) I talked to the chat operators again and my account got activated within a minute. Only this time I deposited over 1200 EUR because I can not control my gambling and that is the main reason I ask for a permanent account closure.

So I contacted support and asked them why they re-opened my account and if I could see the log files. Management responded that they would not provide me with the conversations because of the GDPR rules. I managed to retrieve them via the the Ticketing desk. But not a single response in regarding to how this could have happened. In my opinion, they either did not help me get self-excluded properly or they willingly re-opened my account. Based on the chat conversation they should have helped me better because it is a huge step to admit and try to protect yourself by self-excluding your accounts. If my account was not self-excluded for whatever reason, then they did not helped me out properly to get this self-exclusion active (and this should be the case, since I told them that I am addicted and wanting to self-exclude).

To be honest, I don't think it is not fair how it went down and for some reason my account got re-opened very quickly. Therefore I pleading to see my deposits returned to me, based on the fact that I told them that I am addicted and that they let me play, knowingly that I have a gambling addiction.

Posted on July 5, 2018


I would like to ask the moderator here if I can send in private all conversation and not only the one posted here since it is not actually showing all the demands for account opening during this time.

Also please refer to the below term regarding disclosing information as the one above:

21.6 Τhe information contained in any form of written communication between Campeonbet and You, including any attachments, are strictly confidential, it may be legally privileged, or otherwise protected from disclosure and are intended solely for the addressee. Υou are strictly prohibited to use, copy or disclose this information to any other person or take any action in reliance of this transmission. If you have received this message in error, please notify the sender by return e-mail or telephone immediately and delete the message from your system.

Also I would like to underline here that campeobet respects responsible gambling and acts upon its terms and conditions approved by its regulatory authority. ASKGAMBLERS is not a regulatory authority, and you should address there to properly solve any issues you may have with Campeonbet.
Campeonbet has acted upon its terms and conditions regarding this issue and if there is a dispute you can address the relevant authorities.

Since the issue is rather sensitive and includes also personal data I would not recommend to continue on a public thread.

With best regards,

Campeonbet Team

mdutchy Netherlands Message
Posted on July 5, 2018

Thanks for your response. I also have a copy of my request for account reopening if you are referring to that, which I can add to the case. But that is not the main issue here. My addiction is tough and therefor I do things I regret. That is why I asked you to close it down permanently or for at least a couple of yeara due to problem gambling, and that simply did not happen which resulted me in being able to play on the casino again which led to my big loss.

I tried to solve it via your management without response. When opening this complaint you responded within 5 hours. I am still open to solve this in private via email rather then using askgamblers or any authority at all. Regarding to your response you still are avoiding the main issue here, and that is the lack of proper support and actions in regards to my addiction.

In what way does that conversation that I had with your employee looks responsible (respecting responsible gambling) to you in regards to problem gambling? Especially when my account was able to be reopened a week after that conversation?

Like I said, I am willingly to solve this privately via email, but in that case I expect that you respond to my complaint without ignoring my emails.

Posted on July 5, 2018

Based on the declared unwillingness from CampeonBet Casino for further cooperation in getting this complaint adequately reviewed and decided, AskGamblers Complaints Team have no other option but to close the complaint as Unresolved and encourage player to seek further assistance from the relevant regulatory body.  

Moreover, upon reviewing CampeonBet Casino Responsible Gaming page, AskGamblers Complaints Team came to this shocking part (screenshot attached) referring to Self-Exclusion procedures: 

"Please note that you will be able to decrease your self-exclusion period or revoke it completely, only after seven days from your 1st request."

AskGamblers Complaints Team believe the term quoted above to be not only utterly unfair for the obvious reasons, but also completely contrary to any known industry practice referring to Responsible Gambling regardless the licensing regulatory body which currently monitors the affected casino operations. We believe CampeonBet Casino might want to review the cited term and change it accordingly. Failure to do so as soon as possible might result in issuing an official warning to their AskGamblers review page. 

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