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BlackLights Casino - No winnings or reply

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Disputed casino BlackLights Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Posted on May 16, 2014

Recently I signed up for Blacklightcasino and deposited $50 in this I won $3000 but as there is a weekly withdrawal limit I could only request $2500 and spent the rest :)

After sending a request I had sent the documents that is required such as the ID and utility bill. After a week I'm still waiting for any kind of response from them even to say that they are reviewing my IDs. I talk to live chat and they either ignore my question or if I ask them for a phone number and they respond with that they do not have a phone number. I ask them about whether email address which I have contacted them on is the correct one and they reply "You tell me what you wrote and ill tell you if its right". Then finally after obtaining a phone number they just tell you "finance will email as soon as they read your email" I understand that they are busy and such but just an email to say that they are reviewing our docs would be nice.

Posted on November 3, 2010

Thanks for letting me know about this.

The player made the withdrawal request less than a week ago. If you review our terms and conditions, you will see that we state that first time deposits take up to 15 days to process. The player was also told about this when he made his withdrawal request.

I have also reviewed the chat history, and the support representative will have some explaining to do regarding not knowing the phone numbers.

I understand that the player is worried about the state of his withdrawal, but he can rest assured we are taking care of it. Finance will contact him shortly regarding his withdrawal.

Have a great day!


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