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Las Vegas USA Casino - Still no payout after 5 weeks

lolife2 United States
posted on January 18, 2015.

everything was fine till i requested a payout,then all kinds of problems started:its been over 5 weeks now waiting for someone to help me,ive summited ALLinformation requested,everyone is giving me the runaround,ive now been blacklisted from even seeing my payout status says "your account is restricted from accessing this part of the cashier" for futher assistance contact cs...well cs goes offline everytime ive got all emails an live chat,something about refunds and chargbacks,which havent recieved ive got all bank statements where all deposit went through..i just worried someone has put my money in their pocket an has access to my bank info an no 1 will talk to me,im worried no phone # to call just email ive sent over 25 emails just for someone to explain whats going why i cant get my winnings of 1,000 its like they just want me to go away..i have nothing to hide at all...they do ...please help me this is 1 conversation i had with main street:MainStreet Jan 13 (5 days ago)
Department: Customer Service Full Name: LISA ********** Email: ******­***­***­**@­gma­il....

MainStreet <*********>
Jan 13 (5 days ago)
to me

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21:01 Customer Service: ok i will look for email,an thank you wait how to send email?
21:02 Customer Service: can u foward this conservation to manager?
21:03 Customer Service: you still here?
21:04 Customer Service: yes he saw it
21:05 Customer Service: can he call me ? ************* hm#
21:06 Customer Service: cell *************
21:06 Customer Service: I will inform him
21:06 Customer Service: thank you
21:07 Customer Service: my pleasure
21:07 Customer Service: did he say what the problem is
21:08 Customer Service: that you did not passed our security parameters
21:11 Customer Service: i know that ,why did i not pass ? thats what im trying to figure out ,
21:11 Customer Service: I do not have that information
21:12 Customer Service: yall think im not who i say i am,stolen debit card i mean why did i not pass
21:12 Customer Service: who do i need talk to to find out why?
21:13 Customer Service: its crazy like i said its all started why i requsted payout,i figure thats its a way casino gets out of paying winnings
21:13 Customer Service: cause theirs no other reason why none at all
21:13 Customer Service: like I said before
21:13 Customer Service: you will get your winnings
21:14 Customer Service: we are a very serious company
21:14 Customer Service: and we pay to all our customers
21:14 Customer Service: its not your fault im just trying to figure out why
21:14 Customer Service: yes I know
21:14 Customer Service: an theirs no one i can call an speak to either is their?
21:15 Customer Service: you can send an e-mail
21:15 Customer Service: and I will forward your concerns
21:15 Customer Service: that is the most I can do
21:15 Customer Service: who do i send email to?which dept
21:16 Customer Service: suppor­[email protected]­asv­ega­

posted on January 23, 2015.

Hello lolife2,

This is Peter from Marketing. I am here to explain further as I spoke with security on your behalf in this situation.

As part of our fraud and security process we put all credit cards used to deposit to our brands through various scrubbing and fraud protection filters used and shared in this industry.

The credit card that you provided for the 3 deposit transactions was flagged during our investigation into your withdrawal. The card was flagged because there are pre-existing chargebacks on this particular card as reported by other companies. As a result, we cannot accept funds from this card and have refunded the deposits back to your credit card. The card cannot be used in our brands.

Best regards,

lolife2 United States
posted on January 23, 2015.

Peter thanks for the response,the only trouble ive had with my debit card was with a casino was with the software it would not work right with my laptop ,customer service worked an worked with me trying to fix the problem,till they suggested refund the 25.00 deposit i had made cause i could not sense then ive made over 40 deposits without any issues at all,i can provide my bank information if needed an it shows all withdraws an 1 refund,but anyways ive played an played without the 1st issue till i requested a payout now over 6weeks ago,an if it wasnt for this site here their would be no way to even contact anyone...cause not im not even allowed to sign in...i have nothing to hide,ive played in good faith ,never had any issues with deposits till las vegas usa started banding me all because off my winnings,which i might add ive deposit well over 1,000 of my hard earned funds,i won that money ,if your speaking to casino on my behalf..please speak strong,cause ive done nothing wrong an this is pretty crappy way to treat a person that won money fair an square...when can i expect a deposit?

posted on January 26, 2015.

Hello lolife2,

As I explained in my earlier post, your 3 small deposits have been returned to your card and therefore all play associated with those deposits has been declined per the terms and conditions on our sites.

We cannot accept the card you used in our brands for the reasons already outlined. This case has been closed by our Security Dept.

Thank you, Peter

lolife2 United States
posted on January 27, 2015.

peter i missed something somewhere...i missed the outline that you said was sent.,this is not over peter,i played on good faith with las vegas usa as well as many others an have never had any problems with my card an the way i see it is i won an yall dont want to pay the cheapiest way is to send my deposits back,well thats not (casino) should not be able to decide when a person wins alittle bit an yall dont want to pay, i was in a wreck an pretty much confined to bed an this was the only bit of pleasure ive had,ive played an won many land casinos played with my card an never had any problems you stated the you outlined the reason....i as of yet havent been givine any reason why,yes ive sent emails tried the live chat ...never never no response except i need contact finincial ...well this is the reason online playing has such a bad name...all this over 1,000 when i have bank statements stating ive made twice that much in all you want to do is refund 80.00...who got to choose that amount if you give refund off my card pay all the deposits then not just 80.00...i have my bank records that stated the fact...

lolife2 United States
posted on January 27, 2015.

also this is the ONLY email ive got...:Dear Ms. Padgett,

Regarding your previous message, allow me to inform you that your account has been banned and all your details were sent to our negative datase. Also note that your original $80 deposit has been refunded and by doing this, all winnings voided (meaning you will not receive any checks from us)

Best regards,

Security Department
Main Street Vegas Group

Peter I bet if casino owed you 1,000 you've done nothing wrong you be p***** to...

posted on January 29, 2015.

Hello lolife2.

I am working on the details of this, thank you for your patience.


posted on February 2, 2015.

Any news?

lolife2 United States
posted on February 5, 2015.

Peter :I am working on the details of this, thank you for your patience.that was the last message i got,did you find any reason why LasVegas usa decited not to pay me ,instead they wanted refund deposits i made an played with in good faith,thats not fair gamming,havent been giving any just cause why ive been done like this...players beware of this casino,if you win,they block you an want to issue refund after winning...

posted on February 8, 2015.

Hello AskGamblers,
I have emailed you further details about this as provided by the security department. I will await your reply once you have had a chance to review my message and details.


posted on February 10, 2015.

We get detailed explanation from the casino considering this complaint. As casino explained to the player they refund hers deposits, because player credit card didn't pass security check. We consider this complaint closed and resolved.