VegasBerry Casino - Stalling payment due to false remaining wagering!

posted on May 4, 2016.


I have big problem with this casino!!!!!!

I still wait on withdraw!!!!!! But casino write me, that I dont have complet wagering!!!!!! But I have complet wagering, what I have confirmation in mail from manager!!!!!!
So, first things :
Vip manager send me mail about bonus 150% :
Dear Eli,

VegasBerry VIP club is proud to inform you about a special April Promotion! Log in to your VegasBerry VIP account any time and claim one of the Bonuses we managed to aquire for you!
Bonuses we have available for you:
Deposit up to 50EUR/GBP/USD and get 50% Bonus on top of it!
Deposit between 50 and 100EUR/GBP/USD and get 75% Bonus on top of it!
Deposit between 100 and 350EUR/GBP/USD and get an amazing 100% Bonus on top of it!
And, finally, deposit between 350 and 700EUR/GBP/USD and get unbelievable 150% Bonus on top of your deposit!

This is a limited, 25 keyes only, VIP offer and is valid between 18.04.2016. and 23.04.2016. so claim it now!

Looking forward to see you in the VIP club!

And next mail :
Dear Eli,

Just to answer your question, wagering is 35 times the Bonus amount (only), not the deposit + bonus amout. This is one of the changes we made for our VIP players. Furthermore I also contated my boss and arranged for you to raise the max bet to 10EUR since you asked for the highroller Bonus. I hope this answers your questions, but if you have any more feel free to let me know. I am here for you 24/7!

And next :

Dear Eli,

I will have to add the Bonus manualy, since this a VIP offer.
There are few Slot which are excluded from all Bonuses, like Scrooge, Devil's Delight, Bloodsuckers and Dead or Alive.

PS. VegasBerry is currently offline due to updates and maintanace, I can let you know when it's over and it comes back up.

Looking forward to see you in the VIP club!

So ok, I make deposit 400 Eur and Alex give me bonus 600!
BUT – Alex immediately write me, that he make bad bonus, because I have every 100 eur with 125x wageri­ng!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!!!!
But Alex assured me, that this no problem , and if I will have complet wagering 35x, 21000, so you make manualy withdraw!!!!!

Joe write me mail too :
It was my pleasure 

I have to say there was a mistake from our VIP manager that he added bonus with wrong promotion what is a mistake that can never happen in VIP club and we will make sure it will never happen again. It was simply human mistake on what we simply could not influance.

I really appretiate your understanig of this situation and I can make you assure that all your bets are being watched and monitored in order to do manually lookover of bonus restrictions that you received. Due to this situation I hope that you will understand situation that we have to manually calculate your bets and only few people have authorized access to do so never the less we will do our best in order have your data on hands as soon as you will finish your wagering requirement.

I wish you best of luck and hope to see a nice withdrawal from you soon 

Kind regards,

So I play, and Joe confirmed that I have complet wagering :

Hi Eli,

I would like to congratulate you on yor win. You have successfully completed your wagering requirement indeed.
Please, since this withdrawal can not be completed as usual and will have to be done manually from our side, can you send your verification documents on [email protected] and finance department will contact you as soon as possible (within 24 hours).

VIP Brand Manager

And cashier confirmed my documents :

Dear Eli,

Thank you for sending us your documents.

We have received and confirmed the requested documents.
In order any winnings to be paid to you you have to create a withdrawal request. You will be able to do that once the bonus wagering is completed.

Please contact our friendly support if you have any further questions.

Kind regards
VegasBerry Cashier
cashie­[email protected]­ega­sbe­

So I still write to support, that I need make withdraw, but they still write me that I dont have complet wagering!!!!!!!! This casino not understand that support do mystake????? Or support -manager do this designedly??????

Dear Eli,

Thank you for your email.

As you already have been informed you cannot make a withdrawal request because you have an active bonus. Once the wagering is completed you will be able to withdraw. Unfortunately because of the active bonus we cannot create a request instead of you too. Please contact our friendly chat support for more information.

Kind regards

VegasBerry Cashier
cashie­[email protected]­ega­sbe­

So – why i still not can make withdr­aw?­???­???­???­???­???­???­???????

If it is serious casino – so please help me with my win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because this are rogue practic!!!!!!

I will wait your answer­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!!!!