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Liberty Slots Casino - No payment, no support, no supervisor to talk to

julieholt United States Message
Posted on January 18, 2016

I have spoken with Liberty slots as well as emailed and can't get anywhere. They tell me my layout was processes 12/30/15 and submitted 1/5/16 and was originally told 3-5 business days then i was told 5-7 days and now I can't get any information besides its been sent to my debit card number yet my bank has nothing on my account or my card. Everyday I'm told it should be there by the end of the day and I can't even get the payout dept (each time it's they just closed or changing shifts) I ask for a supervisor(in told they are on a call and holding isn't an option to call back in 5 minutes and when j call back they are gone for the day, and the new shift supervisor is in a meeting) no one will tell me anything and won't track my funds though they are approved as seen in the email I copy/pasted.

My winnings was $1000 with $20 charge so $980 should be deposited in my account though k can't get anywhere.

The card it was to be deposited in was ending 5008.

We have processed your pending payment as shown below.


Pending Payment: USD1000.00

Payment Issued: USD980 as CardPay

Transaction Number: 201512­311­438­014­077­140­00000

Remaining Payment: USD20.00

If your remaining payment is in excess of USD3000.00, it will be issued as weekly USD3000.00 installments until the total amount is paid to you in full.

Please note that for any wire transfer and for any check you will be charged a fee of $45, the additional cost will be carried by the casino. However for wire transfer there are some correspondence fees that exist and they are beyond our control. These fees are based on your local bank policy. These fees may be reflected in your withdrawal balance.

Please note for check:

* The cheque is drawn on a Canadian bank.

* We strongly recommend cashing/depositing the check at a bank rather than at a check cashing facility.

* We recommend cashing the check in a timely manner.

Please direct any inquiries regarding this payment to cashie­[email protected]­ibe­rty­slo­ Include your name and the Transaction Number above in your correspondence.

Thank you for choosing Liberty Slots Casino

cashie­[email protected]­ibe­rty­slo­

Posted on January 19, 2016

Dear Julie,

I do hope you are well.

I am Dylan, I represent Liberty Slots casino. Firstly I would like to thank you for being such a loyal customer here at Liberty Slots.

I am quite saddened to read of your recent experience and contacted payment yesterday and again today regarding this issue. I will also try to make sure this never happens again.

There was an unfortunate delay which is a very rear occurrence. However I can confirm that your funds have been sent to you and should be in your account before the end of the week. As a result we will wave the fees on this payment and process your next withdrawal free.

I do apologize for this, I understand how frustrating this can be, but I assure you, that you will receive your funds. And every effort will be made to ensure there are no future delays. Should you have any further issues at all Julie, you can contact me.

Please let me know if there is anything further I can assist you with and also let me know when the funds are safely in your account.

I do want to make sure that you are satisfied and that you feel safe with us as you are important to us.

Have a good day Julie and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards,


julieholt United States Message
Posted on January 20, 2016

I read the response from Libertyslots but I am a confused and just need some clarification on how my payment has already been processed and has been sent to me yet Liberty Slots can still waive the fees associated with THIS withdrawal. I know once a payout has been disbursed changes can't be made to said amount, so please explain how this can even be possible if this has honestly been sent out?? Informing me that my withdrawal has been sent out is the same thing said about the last two dates I was provided, I know problems happen but I have been more than patient with the stalling. Also I was told by Andrea I would be contacted with a tracking number by today, yet that has not been provided yet either. I want a date, surely a third party could give that especially since they were the one said to be having "technical difficulties"!

Posted on January 21, 2016

Dear Julie,

I do understand your concern. However it is quite simple, as we would just place the cost of the transaction in your player account even though it has been sent out.

I understand this is frustrating Julie, however I can assure you that this is not an issue of stalling. We would never engage in such activities, we truly value our customers and try our best to serve them well.

I do apologize for this. I can also assure you that this is an extremely rare occurrence.

I can understand why you would be impatient as well. You are a great customer and we love having you at Liberty Slots. This is why we are seriously pushing to get this sorted for you. I can assure you that this will not happen again.

I have asked the supervisor to update you everyday until this issue is sorted.

As I mentioned before if you have any issues or concerns at all you can contact me Julie. I will make sure you are well taken care of.

Best Regards,


julieholt United States Message
Posted on January 21, 2016

Thanks for the response, I am normally very patient and understand things happen yet I completely felt as if I couldn't get any answers and when I would be told to hold then k would be told to call back then to be told they had left or the department I needed was closed and after several different dates I was just out of options. As you stated the $980 was deposited to my account and I appreciate you giving me accurate information regarding my account. I have used super slots/Liberty slots for many years but this method was new to me and with the delay I didn't quite know what to make of it. But either way I appreciate your help in getting this resolved. Thanks, Julie

Posted on January 24, 2016

Dear Julie,

I am happy to hear all is well. I’m also always happy to help.

Thank you for your patients Julie.

Should you have any further issues at all, please feel free to contact me.

Have a good day Julie.

Best Regards,


Posted on January 26, 2016

Based on player's last comment, we consider this case as resolved and it is now officially closed.

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