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mBit Casino - Delaying and not announcing promotional winners, feel abused and unappreciated

Kaptein South Africa
posted on May 7, 2018.


I received an email from mbitcasino on 24 April. Please see attached mail.
It explains that VIP members can win a WHOLE month of free spins everyday 25 x (High roller bitcoin) spins every day for May. This is a huge bonus and definitely too good to be true. Remember its bitcoin and HR (0.001 a spin) so its like they giving you 0.025 btc or $250 worth of bitcoin for 30 days. Thats $7500 for FREE and they give it to 3 people and all ww have to do is to report back on our experience with them (help them better themself).

So I rattled away and wrote a full report which took me some time but i hit some good valid constructive critisism in the report. Surely they can take some from it.

I then waited until the 1st of May (the day this massive prizes must START) and nothing was announced. I asked them and they said they are still filtering through and must still select the winner. Stange and disorganised....

On the 3rd I asked again. Response came and said that they will pick the winners later that day. Nothing happened.

On the 5th I queried again and the agent told me she doesnt have info on this and VIP team will get back to me. Shortly after i received an email from the owner with 2 long reports from people who "won". He told me that is the proof of the winner. I said that it doesnt mean anything and all i see is two reports and nothing has been made public and i am sure that no prize was given out!

So IF mbitcasino did infact give out this massive prize, why keep it secret? All other casinos announce their winners...
Why do i have to wait until the 5th after quering 3 times, but STILL do not know WHO won and IF anyone won. I am pretty sure that no prize was delivered.

I run a business and I tell you now if I give away $22 500, then i do it ON TIME while the WHOLE World can see me do it.

Myself and everyone else who took time to share their reports with mbitcasino deserves to know who won. We need prove please because I feel abused.


Kaptein South Africa
posted on May 7, 2018.

I would like to add if I may, since I am still waiting for those winners to be revealed and the fact that it is taken so long and they have known since Saturday night (48 hrs ago) that I am escalating this to askgamblers and the public if they fail to announce and proof real winners of this competition.
Its very very strange what is happening here and I am thinking that there cannot be a winner. If they do somehow come up with 3 winners now then i would still not believe that its real people unless they can proof without a doubt.

Let me be honest in saying that I thought I will be a winner with my report and i could really do with a bonus like that. I was actually exciting and thats why I asked every second day for results.
Unless mbitcasino can prove without a doubt that 3 real winners and members got their prices (please include valid and real proof of gameplay starting from the 5th), then I would like to request for that bonus with its normal rules and regulations to be credited to me and ofcourse two other people who wouldve also been victims to this fraud (IF it was fraud).

Kindly provide feedback @Mbitcasino, you have had alot of time to prepare.


Kaptein South Africa
posted on May 8, 2018.

They have sent me once again 3 long reports of other people. I said that reports are irrelevant and immaterial here and that i never questioned thr fact that they have received plenty of reports. Once again they are drifting away from the real problem and trying to take attention in another direction. They also asked if they can share my personal car which they have a picture of. What the hell? I said its fine they must do that if they want but WHY? Why share my car?
They want to share my personal car (which im fine with) but they dont want to share digital proof of a username.

How on earth does this makes sense?

posted on May 8, 2018.

Dear Kaptain,

We can't provide you screen shots of other players accounts, the same way we wouldn't show your account to anyone else. Please don't worry as AskGamblers are experts in this kind of thing and we can simply send everything to them directly.
We are sorry you didn't win even though after reviewing you did have great feedback, that is why we gave you a little extra over the weekend and we thank you for giving us your permission to share your feedback with others as a testimonial, it's everyones dream to win a car and we will share that on our next VIP newsletter. Congratulation on the car and I'm sure AskGamblers will be able to resolve this for you shortly with full and detailed evidence of the winners.

VIP Care

Kaptein South Africa
posted on May 8, 2018.

Well if AskGamblers can confirm without reasonable doubt then thats great and will solve my biggest problem. But please could you answer the following questions which was a big part of my complaint:
1. Why did it take you 4 days and all this drama to prove to askgamblers? You were aware of my issue since 30 April and aware about askgamblers since Saturday, 05 May?

2. Why did you offer me spins to remove this post? On 3 occasions im mail?

3. Why can you NOT prove to me who won your competition?


posted on May 8, 2018.

Dear all,

AskGamblers Complaints Team have been provided with all the necessary information and proofs on behalf mBit Casino management to confirm the fact that there are three different and real winners for the disputed promotion and that all of these winners are getting the promised free spins on a daily basis starting from May, 3rd. 

Based on the above, AskGamblers Complaints Team consider the case as resolved. Taking into account all the questions and concerns raised by player during the complaint process, we strongly encourage mBit Casino management to consider possible changes and improvements into similar promotional campaigns in the future to avoid such issues.

Case closed.  

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