mFortune Casino Withdrawal - be aware

posted on August 21, 2013.

We have played on mFortune for a while, and using mobile bill as deposit.

We had a contract on Three which was switched to Orange which I also started to deposit with. It felt safe and a quick option for some fun.

Whilst on Three we paid around £150 to mFortune, but did not make any withdrawals.

Now, the problem is as follows

I made a request for a withdrawal to my bankaccount the 17th of August. I had a winning of £80 and £50 that I wanted to withdraw.

I got a text message after 3 days (Monday) saying they need some more information, please call back. I requested a call back and talked to a man stating they needed the standard ID and Address verification , like any other online casino. After that was done he stated that he put it as a Priority withdrawal.

I emailed it as requested and got a reply the address document was not valid, so after sending one additional address verification I got an answer that they was now going to send it futher to the departement that deals with the payouts.

As I did not receive any money to my bankaccount I I then the day after emailed and asked how it was going.

I then got a reply stating I needed to send a phonebill to them of my orange account.

Fine, I did that.

Then I got an email stating I have to send a bill of the old Three number which I deposited with before switching.

Fine, I did that.

Now, I get an answer stating that I have to send the next bill which is coming at the end of the month, and the withdrawal will not be made.

See the problem?

Not only is mFortune showing their customerservice is lacking , it also shows it's a company that you should be very careful with. They are great at taking the money, but not paying any winnings.