Metro Play Casino did'nt pay my winnings!!!

posted on May 24, 2013.

This is a difficult one but I know with all certainty that I'm being conned here. Anybody that has played 300 shields will know what I'm talking about here. I truly feel I'm being robbed here and I don't think I have any way to prove it from my end. Personally I think because I was wagering a deposit bonus they put a secret limit on my winnings and are trying to worm out of it. I'm fuming. Please bare with me it's a bit of reading. I'll firstly paste in my email I sent to them after their customer service couldn't solve the problem

On the 16th of may 2013 I was playing the game 300 shields when a large amount of winnings were not paid to my balance. If you look at my game history I started playing 300 shields and got 3 shields on my first spin. this give me free spins with multipliers up to 300 x. If you look at my history on your end you will see that after the first initial spin the next 20 were free spins so my balance wouldnt have reduced over those 20 spins. The first 5 spins would have been at x2 the second five at x5 the third five at x 25 and the fourth five at x300. Now, I've looked at my screenshots and I don't know why it says 50p stake next to each spin because nothing was bet after the initial spin as they were free spins. Surely you can see on your end that after my first spin on 300 shields my balance did not reduce for the next 20 spins which means I definitely hit the 300x multiplier and had a few wins! I should be around £600 up by my guess! There is also 3 spins missing from my history! the last 3 (funnily enough) where there was definitely a win or two! I know for a fact I dropped 2 shields in at least twice in my last 5 spins. thats £600. I feel I'm being purposely robbed here and the more I think about it the more it all seems a bit fishy! Missing spins from my history? My history showing that I staked 50p on each spin when they were in fact free spins. something is not right and I won't be letting this go until I recieve the winnings I'm entitled to. Again the easy way prove this is look on your end and you will see that after the first spin the next 20 were free which means i definitely got to the 300x multiplier and I definitely had a few wins in that section. I'm attaching my screenshots from the day but I really feel they are useless as they don't accurately reflect what happened. Like I said, fishy. Please can we reslove this asap.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Matthew Fletcher

Right so that was my email to them and I'll now post the reply.......

Metro Play Customer Support (Metro Play Support)

May 24 09:55 (BST)

Dear Matthew

My name is Ben Looijenga, I am the Operations Manager at Metro Play and I should be grateful of the opportunity to respond to your query which has been escalated to me.

I have reviewed your game play and the full game reports from our internal system and that of the specific game provider.

Unfortunately the 2 reports are consistent and show that you didn't ever reach the 300x multiplier.

I appreciate this isn’t your desired outcome however on this occasion I am unable to grant any further payment due to the findings.

For your information, all games that feature on our site are run using a Random Number Generator which is fully audited and regulated by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission.

As my colleague explained to you previously, if you wish to take this matter further please follow our complaints procedure found here: https:­//a­cco­­tro­pla­y.c­o.u­k/r­esp­ons­ibl­e-g­ambling

Kind regards

Ben Looijenga

Operations Manager

Metro Play

I understand this is a difficult one because if they want to hide or altar anything on their end they will but I refuse to give up on this. I will move hell and high water to prove this and get what is owed to me because frankly its a complete joke and no gambler deserves to be treated this way.

posted on June 17, 2014.

This complaint has been reopened upon Casino's request.

posted on June 17, 2014.

Could somebody explain to me why this complaint has been reopened? It was never resolved in the first place!