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Lucky Creek is not paying my jackpot

posted on February 15, 2013.

I am susan6709 and for the past week Lucky Creek has had my name displayed as the winner of a sizable jackpot. What they fail to tell you is that they did not pay that jackpot. For me, this adds insult to injury. Let me explain further. I signed up to play at Lucky Creek and used bonus money. Well after I had completed the required number of plays, I went to the cashier and forfeited my bonus back to the casino. I then proceeded to play with the small balace that I had left and didi in fact hit the jackpot. I played under the belief that I was playing with my money and did in fact have the option to cash the balance out. Imagine my disappointment when I found out they were not going to pay!!! Why? Apparantly not only do you have to forfeit the bonus money but you also have to do a reverse deposit according to what I am sure is some fine print in the rule book. Please note that in spite of the fact that they were not going to pay, the jackpot was reset to 0 for all you other players. Additionally, some time later I recieved a check from Lucky Creek for $70.00 ($100.00 less the DHL fee). This is roughly the amount that I had left in my account after returning the bonus money. I guess this was the consolation prize or the casino's idea of fair play? So, if this was in fact "my money" why was I not paid for the jackpot? Because of some accountant's interpretation of the fine print? And if I did not win, why was the counter reset to 0 for the rest of the players. Be careful at this site--it appears that they rely on deception and fine print to find and excuse not to pay out. Save your money and donate it to your favorite charity!!!!

posted on February 18, 2013.

Dear Susan6709 and,

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention and for allowing us to respond.

We would like to run through the facts regarding your account as well as the casino terms and conditions so that we can create a better understanding of what transpired with your winnings. When you initially joined the Lucky Creek Casino you claimed a free spin offer. You then went on to win a large jackpot with the bonus money received from your free spin offer. During that time you had not yet made a deposit at the casino.

The Terms and Conditions regarding Free money offers read as follows: Rule 10. 1 Where a player has won using their first free money offer/no deposit bonus (i.e. no deposit was made), a maximum withdrawal amount of $100 applies.

As you are aware the free offer you claimed were free spins, and the terms and conditions for that are as follows: Rule All Free Spins will have a maximum withdrawal of $100. This would apply to all regular casino offers, e.g. current "More Bang for Your Buck" weekly offer; free spins that are offered as part of any other deposit match offer; and all free spins awarded by the casino where no deposit is required.

This rule was in place at the time you registered your casino account as you agreed to adhere to the rules of the casino. All players are subjected to read through and agree to these terms and conditions. So to further explain what transpired with your winnings please be aware that even though you had met the 40X playthrough requirement on the bonus money you won from your free spins offer the maximum amount you were entitled to withdraw was $100. This meant that even once you had met the playthrough and forfeited your bonus, the balance left in your casino account was still money you had won from a free bonus as you had not yet made any deposit. You then used the cash money won to play the progressive slot where you won the jackpot.

Unfortunately as per the terms and conditions the maximum withdrawal allowed on any free bonus or free spin where no deposit is made is $100. The Casino acted responsibly in this regard by assisting you with your $100 cashin and making the payout. The remaining balance was forfeited as per the terms of the withdrawal where no deposit is made.

Your first deposit at the casino was made on the 10 February. This is after your initial withdrawal request and any winnings received after making your initial deposit would not carry a maximum withdrawal of $100. Please note that the maximum withdrawal rule is in place for free money offers where Players that receive something free from the casino without depositing are restricted to withdrawing a maximum of $100 only.

We understand your frustration in this regard as winning a jackpot does not happen every day. We also understand the impact that this could have on any player’s life. As a responsible and reputable Casino we always endeavour to maintain a transparent and open relationship with our Players. We also ensure that the rules and terms of the casino are upheld responsibly.

At the time that you had won the jackpot the Casino made contact with you to celebrate the news and to recognize you as the winner. This was not intended to come across as negative publicity as we do this for all our big jackpot winners. We do now realize that as you did not get the full payout you have been let down to some degree with the publication that you were a jackpot winner. As the Casino always publishes big winners we sincerely apologize for listing your name at that time.

As a token of good faith to show that we do value you as a Player and would like to continue working with you, the Lucky Creek Casino has credited your account with a $100 cash. You are welcome to make an immediate withdrawal on this money or you can choose to play with it at the casino. This will not make up for the large jackpot amount but it may go some way to mend the good relationship we had initially established with you.

Once again we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused and look forward to hearing from you soon. Please contact us at any time as we are here to assist you.

Yours faithfully

James Matthews

Lucky Creek – Customer Relations Manager

posted on February 21, 2013.

Mr. Mathews:

I appreciate your response and your "good will" gesture. However, I still have some issues that have not been addressed. As I indicated in my complaint, you seem to depend heavily on the "fine print' and your rules cover 7 or 8 pages of small print. That aside, I feel that you should be posting some kind of disclaimer with the forfeit bonus option so that people are not mislead. If that $100.00 was mine to withdraw, it should have been mine to gamble with--and I know what the fine print says. I still think that paying the jackpot would have been the "right thing to do", but of course I have an interest in the dispute.

With that being said, as of this morning I was still listed as a jackpot winner, leading others to believe that I actually won money. This is deceptive. Also, you did not address the fact that the progressive jackpot was reset after I "won". This deprives others of the opportunity to win that jackpot. While I am sure that you have some fine print justification for this, it is also deceptive. This was a free win for the casino in that you did not pay out the jackpot but you pulled the money from the game and you used me for free advertising.

Thank you,


posted on February 22, 2013.

Dear Susan6709 and,,

Thank you for your response and please allow me to further respond.

We can confirm that your details are not being advertised on our websites as a Jackpot winner although at the time you were a jackpot winner and the Casino is fully within its rights to make mention of any big winners especially jackpot winners.

Your name was not mentioned at all and only your alias was used. Please bear in mind that at the time of your win you were advertised as a winning Player but we made no mention of the fact that you had or had not yet been paid. The message of the day on the casino has been updated earlier this week so the only reason why it could still be showing your name is that you may not have cleared your cache memory on your computer. The Casino did not use your details to solicit free advertising as it is a standard practice to make mention of any jackpot winners, which is within our rights to do as the Casino.

In regards to the $100 which is the maximum withdrawal amount, you are entitled to play with that money or request a withdrawal, however any additional funds won from that $100 will still be considered payable up to the maximum of $100 where no deposit is made.

We ensure that all winners are given the opportunity to return certain verification documents before processing any payouts and this is over a 48 hour period. During this time the Casino also takes the opportunity to investigate the win and highlight any potential problems where payouts are deemed not legitimate or transgress the casino’s terms and conditions. In your case the Finance Team were able to identify that the win was on a free money bonus and the total amount of the win was declined only allowing a maximum of $100 to be paid. To my knowledge your $100 has been paid out so we have met our obligation to pay you in good time. This was your first payout and the Casino acted in a responsible manner to pay you in accordance of the terms and conditions.

The Casino has acted fairly in this regard by upholding the terms and conditions and by acting responsibly. We appreciate your stance and that there was a considerable amount of money involved but to remain transparent and fair we have acted in an appropriate manner. Had you made a deposit and won the jackpot on your own deposit money or subsequently on a match bonus offer received after depositing with your own money you certainly would have been paid out the full jackpot winnings. We have always met our obligations as a responsible Casino to payout all our jackpot winners where these wins have been verified as legitimate.

Susan6709 we empathize with you and we understand your frustration at the same time we have to act in a manner that maintains our integrity. We can assure you that our terms and conditions are on par with other Casinos online.

Yours faithfully

James Matthews

Lucky Creek – Customer Relations Manager

posted on February 26, 2013.

Dear Susan6709, bashmc and,

We have received feedback from BetOnSoft and we are happy to inform you of the following:

To ensure a smooth and consistent experience, the jackpot funds that were not paid to Susan6709 due to ineligibility were slowly trickled back into the jackpot over several days, and not immediately added to the jackpot as a single increment.

In this specific case the jackpot was won again shortly afterwards in the middle of February on Dream Wheel Classic, (the slot that shares the same jackpot pool) and even after that win the jackpot now stands at $32K.

Yours faithfully

James Matthews

Lucky Creek – Customer Relations Manager

posted on March 2, 2013.

Lucky Creek can claim whatever they want, the fact is that they continued to advertise me as their big winner for 2 weeks and didnt take it down until my 2nd complaint on here, and no it was not because I didnt clear my cookies (nice try Lucky creek).

I would also like to point out that they claim that they slowly added the 130,000.00 back into that jackpot. I imagine they must have been adding it in at about $1.00 a day because I was watching that jackpot and it never went over $70,000.00. I also have to wonder just how many of their advertised winners are actual winners.

The last thing I will say on this subject is that I would love to know what the "forfiet bonus" option is for if you are not playing with your own money after forfieting the bonus? I can only assume that it served its purpose in my case. I may have lost the jackpot but Lucky

creek, you have lost a customer and hopefully many more. A little food for thought. Perhaps, if the forfiet bonus button is not there to trick people into thinking that they are playing with their own money, you should have a message that pops up telling them that when they forfiet thier bonus. Why would I have even forfieted it if I didnt belive I was playing with my own money? If I had known that your bogus forfiet bonus button meant basically nothing at all, why would I have bothered with it in the first place?

A warning to all other players, this site is a rip off. Save your money

posted on March 4, 2013.

Dear Susan6709 and,

We appreciate your concerns and thank you for taking the time to chat with us.

The forfeit bonus option is in place where any Player has used a bonus received from the casino without making any deposit. If a Player has received a Free bonus or won a bonus on a Free spins game without making a deposit the Player will first need to meet the wagering requirements of 40X on that bonus and then before they are able to make a withdrawal they will need to hit forfeit. Once a forfeit of the bonus has been completed the bonus amount is deducted from the final cash balance and the Player is then able to withdraw.

However the final amount to be withdrawn is subject to the Casino’s terms and conditions for free money or free spins bonuses where no deposit has been made. This means the Player will be subjected to a maximum withdrawal of $100 only and in respect of the rules governing the player’s country of residence as well.

The Lucky Creek Casino has the right to advertise winnings but it is done in the correct manner to safeguard security and privacy of individual Players by not indicating their complete first and last names.

Susan6709 if you were to make a deposit at the Lucky Creek Casino and you claimed a match bonus for your deposit once you have met the playthrough of 40X on that match bonus and you have a cash balance left over that you would like to cashout, you will quickly discover that once the playthrough is met the match bonus automatically turns into cash and you do not require any forfeit.

The forfeit bonus option is only in place for bonuses received by Players where no deposit has been made. To win anything on free money you will be subjected to the maximum withdrawal rules regardless of whether you have met the playthrough or not. This is in essence free money as no deposit has been made however the Casino still makes provision to all Players by allowing a maximum withdrawal of $100.

Thank you for your time and we trust this will assist you in understanding the forfeit bonus option and making withdrawals on free money received from the casino without making any deposits.

Yours faithfully

James Matthews

Lucky Creek – Customer Relations Manager