Loco Panda Casino - trying to withdraw

jdavis63 United States
posted on June 2, 2013.

Why is it it takes and act of congress to get these dam cosinos to approved your documents for withdrawls. Why is it so difficult to make them understand that if your cards are lost, stolen, compromised or expired why/how can you produce the front and back of the card. This is the reason you had to get rid of them in the first place because they seek to much information and someone gets info and try ordering with the cards. I know this is just a ploy for them not to pay. I had over $600 in my account at Loco Panda and I tried to withdraw and they are asking for a card front and back I don't have any more so I knew I would'nt be paid after so long so I played it out. Now Slot Jungle gave me a $150 Tiger bonus and I played it a week ago Saturday and I ran it up to $13,000 plus and I ask what could I do with that with the chat person Allison and she said I could only cash out $900. so I played it all back and made my request and I have submitted the documents over and over again and now they want a document of a card I no long have so I played that $900 out last night because I knew they was'nt gonna pay me either. Now this morning I get an email again from a Johnny asking for this card info again. Plus I never received the free gift they suppose to have sent me over two months ago. They all need to be put out of business. Why they don't request these document when you make a deposit and then they have it on file for when you win, but no they they don't want them because they are afraid if they ask for this much info in advance you might change your mind and now play. So they wait until you win and they request everything you have including your LIVER>

jdavis63 United States
posted on June 7, 2013.

I still have'nt heard from them I have explained to them that I no longer have that card no do I have an account with the bank that issued it and when I try to accommodate their request I still don't hear from them I have supplied they documents with that number and with my name on it and the documents are official and I don't hear from them if it is acceptable or not.