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Cool Cat Casino - Lies & Delayed payments

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Cool Cat Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Amount $ 11300
ncoff United States Message
Posted on December 20, 2016

So i hit for quite a bit back in september and requested my first payouts on 9/04/2016. Ive had periods of well over a month where none of my pending payouts were approved and im still waiting to receive payments approved over a month ago. I have now played through my pending cash as i was informed it could take over a year to be payed out. Recently they accidentally removed the the bonus amount 3 extra times so not only are my checks lower but i have more because they added the bonus amount as a separate check later. Ive talked to their customer service well over 100 times with literally no noticeable effect. Ive now lost well over half of my original winnings am currently waiting on a check approved 11/12 escalated on 12/1 re-escalated on 12-8 and still not sent out. On top of that i was sold vip by their customer service multiple times but since i won i was told i could not be made vip. Overall terrible experience here the very few payments i have received have all been low/late and came with no warning or information.

Posted on December 20, 2016

Dear @ncoff,

Please make sure to update your complaint accordingly and clarify the total amount of the disputed withdrawal request/s.

Thanks for cooperating the AskGamblers Complaints Team.

ncoff United States Message
Posted on December 20, 2016

still waiting on 11,300

ncoff United States Message
Posted on December 21, 2016

Received a payment for $4,980 today at 11:59. Strange considering until now i thought i could only receive payments of 2500 or less at a time. This is a very big step forward i will keep you updated

ncoff United States Message
Posted on December 23, 2016

they have contacted me via email and said another payment will go out on the 26th

Posted on December 26, 2016

Hi NCoff--

I'm sorry for the difficulties you've experienced with this.

Unfortunately, I'm not back into the office until tomorrow. Once I return to work, I'll review your account and I'll come back with information for you.

All the best,


ncoff United States Message
Posted on December 28, 2016

Alright, i was told that $5,600 was sent out and i should be receiving it anytime and that $1,320 and $1,840 are still waiting to be sent out.

Posted on January 9, 2017

This complaint has been reopened as per submitter's request and AskGamblers Complaints Team would like to give it one more try and help both parties involved into the dispute reaching to a satisfactory resolution.

ncoff United States Message
Posted on January 9, 2017

still waiting. Finance told me it would be here by now and live chat has refused to connect me with a manager and assures me i just need to continue to wait. Tawni has still not contacted me.

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