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Liberty Slots Casino - wrong bonus credit

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Liberty Slots Casino
Reason Bonus not given
Amount $ 25
Posted on July 24, 2014

Last week i did deposit twice at this casino first 10$ and then 30$ so when i did spend those money i asked the chat to give me some bonus ,soo i was asking for some for some kind of a deposit bonus i guess,then the chat told me that i am restricted for bonuses and so they refused to give me something and i told them is this the way they tread theirs costumers then chat told me if i have something then better to contact their support via mail,so i did.Next morning i did opened the casino Liberty Slots and i found 200$ bonus so i said i will asked them if this is ok ,so i was being fair,then the chat told me it was an mistake,mistake? Rou are serious casino or what, you can't play with your costumetrs like that, firts we donot give you nothing, then we give you 200$ bonus and then again sorry, it was a mistake? So you did mislead me ,what if i did use that bonus and make the playthrow what then??? and i did made deposit ,what then so i am asking something in return ,because you did that mistake not me.Here is the chat conversation:

Thank you for contacting us via live-chat and bringing your concern to our attention. Please find previous chat conversation below:

Anna: Hello,

Anna: Thank you for contacting customer service, how may I assist you today?

Anna: Please provide me with your full name, date of birth and your registered email address.

Visitor: hi need to ask something

Anna: Sure! :)

Visitor: yesterday i did deposit here and you didn't give me the bonus but now i see 200$ bonus in my account can you please tell me is this real money bonus or its just fun

Visitor: hi

Anna: May i please get your email address?

Visitor: xxxxxx­xxx­xxx­xxx­xxx­[email protected]­sn.com

Visitor: did you chek please

Anna: I'm sorry xxxxxxxxxxxxx, this appears to have been a technical issue on our end. I'm sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for bringing this to our attention!

Visitor: so what are you saying

Anna: I'm afraid this was an error, your balance should now be as it should be!

Visitor: are you kidding me

Visitor: what are you doing ,are you serious casino??

Visitor: i want to talk to your supervisor or manager

Visitor: this is not right what are you doing

Anna: I'm afraid she is busy on the phone at the moment, you may hold or come back later on!

Anna: I'm sorry you feel this way xxxxxxxxxxxxx!

Visitor: no i will hold

Visitor: noo you are making mistakes thats your problem not mine

Visitor: whom i am waiting the supervisor or the manager>???

Anna: I am just waiting on my supervisor, she will be with you shortly. We appreciate you waiting and once again apologize. This was a small technical issue and we appreciate you bringing it to our attention!

Visitor: no it was not technical issue

Anna: I will transfer you to my supervisor now.

Visitor: ok

Visitor: hi

Regina: Hi xxxxxxxx

Visitor: are you the supervisor

Regina: Yes, I'm the supervisor on duty

Visitor: ok

Visitor: let me explain you this

Visitor: yesterday i did deposit 2 times here so i was asking from the chat for bonus so i was askinf a DEPOSIT BONUS not something free

Visitor: so yesterday you didnt gave me anything ,soo i did send an email to your support and explain them ,this morning i did find bonus in my account so i asked the chat what is the bonus for

Visitor: so she is telling me teg=hnical issue problem

Regina: Ok, but as your account is set up to not receive bonuses for now as per management decision this was denied I guess..?!

Regina: I see and I do understand that you are angry about that now.

Visitor: i dont know that i only know that i found this morning bonus in my account and now you did take it away that bonus

Visitor: so what are you doing are you serious casino

Visitor: why are this thing happenening

Visitor: you cant give me the bonus and take it away

Visitor: thats not right

Visitor: you have to give me better explanation then technical issue program

Visitor: i am not a child so you can play with me this way ;like you are making fun of me

Regina: Although you would have said nothing, in case you would have win money with a bonus which was credited accidently we would have to deduct the winnings afterwards. I do understand that you are angry about it and we will forward this for further review to see what happened, but for now we can't add you this or a bonus, I'm sorry

Visitor: i want this chat to be send to my mail,can you do that

Regina: Sure and we will also send you any update we get on that as soon as this has been checked.

Regina: May you kindly confirm your e-mail, please?

Visitor: xxxxxx­xxx­xxx­xxx­xxx­xxx­xxk­@ms­n.com

Visitor: i dont see the chat in my mail

Regina: Thank you, that's the same we have on file. I appreciate your patient and understanding in this matter, we will send you copy of this chat and also see what we can do in this matter. As soon as this has been reviewed you will get another e-mail then

Yours sincerely,

Posted on December 30, 2013

Hello Katemak,

I am Dylan, I am a representative for Liberty and Lincoln casinos. After reading your post, I reviewed your account.

With regards to the deposit bonus, no bonuses were credited as you are from a bonus restricted territory.

The $200 bonus was credited to your account in error by the agent who was addressing this issue for you. It was meant for another account. The bonus was removed as your account was not eligible for a bonus.

We do realize it was an agents mistake and as a result we will credit your account with a small bonus. We do thank you for your honesty and we apologize for any inconveniences caused. An email will be sent to you regarding this issue. If you have further concerns or need any assistance at all, please contact our customer service department.



Posted on December 30, 2013

Thank you Askgamblers and Liberty slots ,I did receive a 25$ bonus as a apology.Thank you again problem solved.

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