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Cool Cat Casino - Not following their own withdrawal policy!

posted on August 6, 2014.

At first, a great casino to work with. Great customer service. Even assigned a friendly and responsive personal VIP representative.

.....until a big win.

At first, I was congratulated on the win and instructed to split my withdrawal into 3 separate requests of $2500 each for faster processing.

Patiently waited through the maximum 15-business-day approval period, and again through the maximum 7-business-day payment processing period—effectively 35 days from the initial withdrawal request—only to receive a payment of $1075, or half of the $2500 I was told to request minus the bonus.

When I called to ask what had gone wrong, I was told the payment had been split (without warning or any notification whatsoever), and that I should receive the second half after another FULL approval period and FULL payment processing period.

When I asked to speak to my VIP representative, I was informed that my account was now restricted from using bonuses and from receiving any of the generous VIP perks advertised on Cool Cat's website for "high rollers"...and that I no longer had a VIP representative. Why? I no longer qualified as a VIP due to my big win.

Split without warning or notification, doubling the processing time. Second half finally deposited 55 DAYS after initial withdrawal request.

Ok fine, I can wait. I did win big, what do I have to complain about really? So I continue to play (without bonuses), depositing over $1000 over the course of the next month.

Checking on the status of my second $2500 withdrawal request, I expect to see this payment split in half as well... withdrawal has been split into 5 payments of $500 each (and again without warning or notification of any kind). Each with its very own 35 day approval and processing period.

Not only that, but because each is now considered a separate withdrawal, I am being charged a processing fee of $22 for EACH payment (instead of one processing fee for the single requested withdrawal).

Whenever I call, I'm promised that my NEXT payment will receive rush approval and expedited processing...which has so far been a bold faced lie. I've spoken to numerous representatives and at least 3 different managers, all promising to look into the situation. I even sent a lengthy email describing my complaint of splitting payments without warning and the absurdity of processing a single $2500 withdrawal in 5 payments over the course of 6 months, to which I received no reply.

Great casino, friendly customer support... until you win big. At current pace, I will finally receive my full winnings from April 30th, 2014 a little over 1 year after requesting their withdrawal. I am amazed that Cool Cat Casino considers this acceptable business practice. Unbelievable.

posted on August 8, 2014.

Hi tdc7476,

I've looked into this and first, I must apologize for what occurred. I have no idea why/how it happened, but we definitely screwed up on this and we're looking into things to try and sort out what happened.

The good news is (and I believe you've already been contacted on this) that these payments have been properly addressed now. You will be receiving a payment of $2500, followed by a final payment of the remaining balance. I would expect you'll receive the $2500 payment, mid-week, next week.

I'll be keeping an eye on this to ensure things proceed as they should.

All the best,


posted on August 10, 2014.

Thanks for the quick response Tawni. I will consider this issue resolved as soon as both deposits are received, at which point I will update this post.

posted on August 12, 2014.

Dear all,
Is this issue resolved, can we closed this complaint?

posted on August 15, 2014.

Complaint reopened upon casino's request

posted on August 16, 2014.

Hi tdc7476,

Would you please be so kind as to let me know if you have received the payments that were approved this week?



posted on August 16, 2014.

Received one payment of $478 today (Friday). Spent a good amount of time on the phone with customer support trying to find out what the issue was. They said I should receive a deposit for $2500 sometime in the next 48 hours, and my final withdrawal of the remaining $2000 should be approved by the end of next week, then go through the mandatory 7-10 day deposit processing.

I believe things have been expedited, and I'd like to believe everything will go smoothly next week. But as of this message, I'm only $478 closer to my full winnings (which is exactly where I would be following the timetable I was given in April).

I will let you know as soon as I receive a significant deposit, then update this post accordingly.

posted on August 23, 2014.


All deposits received. Thanks for resolving this issue in a much more appropriate amount of time!