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Jackpot247 Casino - Not willing to pay!

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Jackpot247 Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Posted on May 16, 2014


As this is a forum I just thought I'd share my awful experience with you.

I signed up to JACKPOT247 on July 17th 2013.

I am not a big gambler but as I saw this casino advertised on tv I thought I'd have a look and sign up so I could start playing.

I deposited 200.00 on 20 July 2013 and call it beginners luck or whatever you'd like, I had, what I would call, a massive win playing live roulette!!!

Over the course of the next couple of weeks I deposited a further few thousand on their sister site SuperCasino.

Then, roughly 5/ 6 weeks later I was logging into my account so I could withdraw my winnings, however, for some reason, my account had been locked and I could not get into it.

This was when I called the 0800 number on JACKPOT247 website.

After a couple of days of me phoning I finally was able to speak to James, (the only person who could deal with this, was what I was told).

James asked me to confirm my username, my DOB and my address, all quite normal procedure I understand.

Then, I was asked to send in a copy of me, holding my passport for security checks, again, I was under the understanding that this was normal procedure, especially since I'd won a substantial amount of money.

So, the next day, 12th September 2013 I sent in a photo of me holding my passport.

Still, afew days later, no change. I called JACKPOT247 again. I couldn't even begin to count the amount of times I called them to chase this up and to see if they'd checked my photo etc...

Then finally, I spoke to James again, to then be told, they were going to send out a deposit confirmation letter which I needed sign and send back to them.

This took a good 4 days to arrive at my house. When it did, I took a look through it, signed it and returned it to them (I scanned it, and emailed it and got an automated email to say it had been received).This was sent on 21st September 2013.

The following week (bare in mind we have already past roughly 3 weeks), I called every day, everytime, James was in meetings or out of the office and I was told he would be calling me back.

This went on the whole of the week.

Ok now, I think I'm getting somewhere, the next week, I call a few more times, James, conveniently is on annual leave for the whole week, great! However, Corina, James's assistant is taking over whilst he is away. So on the Wednesday afternoon, Corina finally calls me back.

She asks me to confirm my details, which I did, she then asks me, what game I played, what the odds are of winning the game, why I chose the numbers I did, where I usually play, where do I play from and what I was going to spend my winnings on!!!

This, I find, completely ridiculous. Why I have to tell a casino what I am spending my winnings on I do not know!!!!

Anyway, I answered all of Corinas questions and she told me she would be conferring with their finance team and all should be sorted by the end of the week.

Friday late afternoon came, still no calls, no emails from JACKPOT247 so I called them AGAIN!!!

What a surprise, Corina was in meetings!!!

So, another week had now gone past.

Monday morning came, I called at 09.30 on the dot, and guess what? James's flight had been delayed and wasn't going to be in until the afternoon. To top it off though, when I asked to speak to Corina, I was told she wasn't available either as she had gone to meet James at the airport!!!!

If I didn't have so much money in the account I would find this hilarious. However, I do..... this is still an ongoing case.

I have called numerous times, that week of James's return I had been promised more than 3 times a call back from him, and still, to this day, I have had nothing!!!

I wrote a complaint email, which I received an automated response to and I called to make sure it had been sent to the relevant person, I was told my customer service staff that it had been received and I would get a response in 7 working days.I sent this complaint on 30th September.

So, after me still calling them I still have not been put through to James or Corina as apparently I cannot speak to Corina regarding this anymore.

On the 8th October 2013, I sent yet another complaint and still, to this very day, I have not had a reply in writing or so much as a phone call to discuss any of this.

I called twice last week and was tols James would call me back, he hasn't.

It is now Friday 25th October 2013 and not one person has called me to sort this out.

JACKPOT247 have stolen money from me, I urge all casino players never to set up accounts with this company as they are a fradulent company who take your money and when you win, block/close your account so you cannot withdraw your winnings.

If anyone has experienced the same as me, please get in touch as I don not know where to go or what to do from here.....

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