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Posted on May 16, 2014

I played in the casino in June-August 2011, when Neteller had a promotion that they give you a percentage of each transaction made into a casino. I made large deposits and played it through, which does not go against any terms on their site. Intercasino without any warning decided to charge me for all their charges incurred from my deposits, which they claimed added to £12.5K, which they removed from my Ecash account.

They claimed they are entitled to make good on their losses, which makes no sense, as I played through with the deposit, and they have no term anywhere that says they will charge for depsoits and withdrawals.

Now to put the nail in the coffin, I have proof that they put in a claim to Neteller, and were refunded in full all their charges, however they are still refusing to payout the £12.5K, eventhough I did not break any terms and conditions, besides for the reason they took my money was to make good any losses, however they had no losses, as Neteller refunded them in full.

Posted on February 19, 2013

I can confirm that due to the fact the player in question has breached our terms and conditions, he is liable for any charges incurred as per point 2.2 of the End User Agreement.

 The player was warned (via telephone) that attempts to manipulate the ECash Direct system for financial gain would not be tolerated.

 The player chose not to heed this warning and instead acted in a manner that contravenes the terms clearly set out in our End User Agreement.

 We are currently liaising with Neteller regarding the way in which this particular case was handled to ensure greater transparency between both parties moving forward.

Posted on February 19, 2013

Thanks for your response, however thats far from the truth, I was never contacted that I would be charged, so that's absolute nonsense, the first contact was after I had played in the casino.

Also term 2.2 is for losses incurred through the games, this has nothing to do with the games, this is transaction fees.

Lastly there were no loses as Neteller refunded Intercasino, and I have proof to back that up, so they have no rights even if I had breeched any terms, which I haven't

Posted on February 19, 2013

I am prepared to show Askgamblers my proof that Intercasino have been refunded.

I would also like to add,Ii was only contacted after this whole saga, and was never warned that any charges would be incurred prior to this, only till afterwards.

You have been dishonest to me countless times, and even quoting a term which is not relevant to this at all.

Posted on February 22, 2013

Throughout this entire investigation, InterCasino has attempted at every given opportunity to be fair to all parties involved.

InterCasino has been nothing short of accommodating when asked to provide responses to the variety of different claims relating to this particular incident.

Given the unfortunate direction this incident is now being pushed in, InterCasino advise the individual involved to direct all future questions and claims to the LGA.

At this time and whilst InterCasino decides internally on what action to take against the recent claims made, no further comment will be made.



Posted on February 22, 2013

Once again Intercasino seem to be avoiding the truth. Intercadino haven't even once contacted me in order to resolve this. I give Intetcasino full rights to forward all correspondence to Askgamblers, if they feel they have been fair to me.

in what way is Intercasino being fair by nit paying out without giving a reason. They have no kiss, and are refusing to give any reason, as there is no reason. They owe me the money in full, and still are refusing to pay out

where have they been "fair"? Why don't they pay out what they owe instead of pushing me to the LGA. Its simple they owe be the money, and deserve to be blacklisted by all reputable sites should they fail to do this

They gave stolen my money, and seem to agree to it, and have as yet refused to give me any valid reason why they are refusing to pay out

Posted on February 26, 2013

 Despite the warning given by casino, player broke Terms&Co­ndi­tions, so this complaint is considered solved!

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