Palace of Chance Casino - Issue With an Insurance chip

Debby Danielson Cotta United States
posted on August 12, 2015.

Unknown to me, they claim they have given me "free insurance funds" to play with. I was never asked, I never agreed to accepting this as it comes with a heavy play through, which I dont ever accept. I did not see any extra funds in my account or I would have asked. So I have no idea that was given to me, they used to post it in your player account and you had to accept it, like you do a bonus. But he says now they just put it in your account without telling you or asking. I won 2000 dollars and tried to withdraw it and they declined it 3 times with no explanation. In the mean time, I am making my own cash deposits and playing. After 15 days of that money sitting in the withdrawal dept, it does not show in your account as funds. So 3 months later, it shows up in my account again so I play with it. I have also made several deposits as well with no bonus with play throughs. Now they wont give me that 2000, another 4000 I won yesterday and another 5000 last night. They are trying to claim that I have to play through 45,000 to withdraw my 2000 and that I knew about it. Not once did they message me, they said they did but I did not know or I would not have made any more deposits in case I won, cuz they wont let me have it. Would I make more deposits if I knew I had that high of a play through amount hanging over my head? Oh hell no, and yet they never even asked me before if I would accept it. I would not have, I never do any bonus with a play through. So now, I have 8000 in winnings they wont give me even though I made several hundred dollars of deposits since that so called insurance money they claim they gave me and I accepted several bonuses. You cant have more than one bonus at a time so with the money not there showing in my account, I figured that its coming. There is no way I would have made even 1 deposit if I knew I had a 45,000 dollar play through amount hanging over my head for my withdrawal. Their system lets you withdraw it even though you cant have it, it never used to do that. They re-designed the cashier and since that time, it no longer showed your balance and below that it showed any play through amounts you needed to complete and it would not allow a withdrawal to be submitted, but that is all gone from the new cashier system they put up last year. There is no where you can look on your account to see any play through amounts you have to meet, no where. They dont answer direct questions to this detail, I have asked 3 people why that is no longer part of their cashier system for players, they just keep explaining rules for an insurance chip that I knew nothing about. They dont let me even talk, they just repeat the same bs over and over and refuse to give me my winnings. I have been playing for 7 yrs now and have never been treated like this, they always paid me. It takes several months to get withdrawals and each time it came by check from a different bank. Not once did anyone there even mention to me that I had a play through amount, not one person. They would just refuse the withdrawal request.

posted on August 16, 2015.

Any update considering your complaint? Thank you.

posted on August 17, 2015.

Hi fb_1122329587781985,

I know you were contacted by a VIP Host and already have had a lengthy conversation regarding why your withdrawal has been declined. I’ll do my best to reiterate our position with this:

Much of what you’ve written in your complaint here is patently untrue.

You’ve stated you did not realize there was an insurance bonus, however, since May 2013, you’ve been credited a total of $1,971.08 in these bonuses. It’s difficult to conceive that you’ve not realized you’ve been receiving these bonuses all along.

Each month, these insurance bonuses are issued like clockwork and an email is sent off to players, notifying them that this balance has been credited to their account. We’ve sent you these emails each and every month. You can read in our rules we’ve clearly outlined everything pertaining to our CashBack/Insurance bonuses:


You’ve stated that we’ve not ‘messaged’ you but clearly we have—you’ve responded to your emails.

You also state that you ‘ I never do any bonus with a play through’. This is untrue, as you took BONUS code “2040-LOYALTY.182” on 5/29/2015 for $300.00, which was credited by your VIP Host…and carried a 20x playthrough.

When you requested that bonus, you had a balance of $.85. The VIP Host issued the $300, which you whittled down to $1.65. The following day, you entered the gaming console and from that $1.65, you suddenly had $758. Where did you think this came from? If you had left the night before with only $1.65 in your account and found more than $750 magically appeared in the morning, why would you not contact the casino? If you did not want to be beholden to the playthrough terms, you could have contacted the casino or your VIP Host and asked to have the bonus removed, but you did not. Now you are angry with us for not honoring a withdrawal which you’ve not met the requirements.

I’m very sorry you feel we’re cheating you in any way, however, this is simply not the case. Hopefully you now understand better what happened here.


posted on August 20, 2015.

Are you satisfied with a casino response, can we close this complaint? Thank you.

posted on August 24, 2015.

It is a nice practice to confirm if your complaint is resolved or not. Please be advised that in case you fail to respond within the given time frame we will consider this case as resolved.