Royal Vegas Casino - Imaginary bonus, real and unfair deductions

posted on March 28, 2015.

I tried to deposit USD 280 in my account in Royal Vegas casino from my Neteller account, specifying no accepting bonuses. Transaction failed and the error message suggested that it should retry it. I did it and it was the same. When I was going to do it for the third time, I received a couple of emails from Neteller saying both former transfers were succesful. So, I waited for the USD 560 deposit was credited in the casino (it took 2 days and a lot of complaints) and tried to reverse part of that money, because of the double deposit.
It was not allowed because according to their system, my deposit was splitted in two: 540 my money and 20 a bonus. It was not even added, it was just taken from my own money and registered as if they were put into my account, but still even refuse to let withdraw any part of my deposit. I was to ask for help to release my account to transfer part of the money back to Neteller, and they did it, but they substracted 20 USD amount (the imaginary bonus) and they told me that money will not return to my account.. Confusing explanations from the Spanish speaking support people is that I owed that money to the casino due to a former bonus that was not been paid completely.
Is that so? I mean, if you accept a promotion or a bonus offering, then loose all of your money by gambling –including the bonus received– and in the future you deposit fresh money, no accepting bonuses this time, is it possible that you are still owing money to the casino because of a former bonus? I just cannot believe it. Of course I withdrew all money left and I am claiming my 20 bucks back.

posted on March 31, 2015.

We got confirmation from a player that this complaint is resolved via live chat. We consider this complaint resolved and closed.