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LuckyDino Casino - Not honoring a bonus as advertised

Bridgettracy Ireland
posted on August 5, 2015.

Hi I was looking to join an honest reliable online casino. I looked on ask gamblers site for a casino with high ratings and found lucky dino. The site looked great and had many of my favorite games . So I opened an account and deposited a few times .

On the 25th July I received an email via lucky dino offering a 400% bonus if I deposited 10 euro . I don't really take bonuses because of the wagering requirments. However I thought 400% was too good to turn down so I deposited 35 euro. I didn't receive any bonus so I contacted the live chat . I spoke to a support agent and asked where my bonus was. He said he was sorry but the promotion ended because of incorrect wagering terms. He said I will receive an email stating same in a short while . I never received any email and when I checked the website the offer was still there . Also my friend received the same offer by email an hour after I spoke to the support agent. I asked the agent to close my account after learning this . I told him it was very unfair to offer customers this dishonest bonus just to get them to deposit their money . Do they not turn over millions every year because of the customers who spend more than they earn and lose even more . I'm sure I am not the only customer that was conned by lucky dino casino. I just want to warn others out there to talk to someone at the casino before they deposit via email offering bonuses.

posted on July 30, 2015.


Actually the support response is incorrect, the promotion ended since our backoffice provider had an issue with this bonus type and didn't calculate the wagering correctly. Therefore all bonuses had to be calculated manually and since we are currently testing our new upcoming brand we had to reduce their workload by cutting this promotion.

This was and is still stated on the landing page that the promotion has ended. We do have a right to prolong or cut promotions without any prior notice and the expiration of the promotion was stated on the landing page.

But of course since it was cut too soon, you can withdraw your deposit without wagering it.

Bridgettracy Ireland
posted on July 31, 2015.

When I logged on to make the deposit via the email sent me it loaded but there was no notice stating that the bonus had evened. It said the bonus continued until the 30th of July.

As I previously stated I don't actually take bonus because of the wagering requirements . I have an account with one other online casino . I have taken a bonus from them and the bonus money is held until I wager my deposit and then I can use it if I wish. I thought this was the same at Lucky Dino. So unfortunately I wagered nearly all my deposit.

The other casino I use is luxury casino . I only bet on occasion and have never had a problem with them in the year I have been registered.

Your online support staff should of know the correct reason as to why I didn't receive this bonus and should of never gave me the wrong information . I work as a financial advisor and would be reported to the financial regulator if I advised falsely regarding the commission I will make on my clients returns and then give them incorrect information when they ask where there money had gone .

Therefore , I feel it is my right as a loyal customer that your casino refund me my 35 euro deposit. I'm sure you casino is making enough money to train your staff properly without my 35 euro .

posted on July 31, 2015.

Hi Bridgettracy.

Unfortunately if you have already played the money we cannot refund it. If you would've asked to return it when you didn't get the bonus we could've refunded the deposit.



posted on August 5, 2015.

We believe player has been provided with a reasonable explanation as of why the bonus was not credited as advertised. In addition, we would like to remind player for the existence of term #4.1 within Lucky Dino's Terms& Conditions where it is clearly stated that in exceptional circumstances "The Company reserves the right to terminate and/or, change any games or events being offered on the Website, and to refuse and/or limit bets.". Now, whether casino could have done something else, such as crediting the bonus eventually and thus keeping the submitter of this complaint as one more happy customer, is a totally different matter which we will leave for the players reading this case to decide for themselves.
Unfortunately, players deposit could not be refunded, simply because it had been already played. And we have some serious doubts that player would insist for a refund in case they had won while playing with the deposit.

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