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Smart Live Casino - I have been paid 2000 out of 11500 pounds ???

rabdul10 United Kingdom
Posted on November 27, 2014.

Hi there,
I need help to resolve my issue with the SmartLive Casino. I had won 11500 on 03/11/2014 and requested a withdrawal on the same day. I recieved 2000 pounds on 11/11/2014.
I phoned/emailed/live chat them and asked about the remaining 9500 pounds. They said to me that they would pay me in weekly instalments but they are refusing to say the specific dates for it.
Thats their email
Today at 12:22 PM
Dear Abdul,

Thank you for your email.

I can confirm from our financial department that payments will be made on a weekly basis and unfortunately there are no specific set dates.

As earlier stated, large withdrawals tend to experience some delay but I can however assure you that all monies are paid out. I apologize once again for the inconveniences caused. Thank you for your patience while your query is resolved.

Best Regards,

Smart Live Casino.

They have been ignoring me and not helping at all.
I don't understand why they are delaying it for no reaseon and where did this instalment process came from?
it says in their terms and conditions "5.9 You may withdraw your money at any time. Money withdrawn will always be returned to the source of the funds where possible. All withdrawals must be completed within 3-5 working days from the date requested. In case The Companies have requested any form of documentation from the customer, the withdrawal period starts from the date the customer has sent all the requested documents,"
There is not written that winnings would be paid in Instalmens. I want my money altogether and not in weeks.

I want you to help me in this matter so that I should get my winnings.


Abdul Rahman

Posted on November 17, 2014.

Dear @rabdul10,
Any update considering your complaint? Thank you.

rabdul10 United Kingdom
Posted on November 17, 2014.

Hi there,

I recieved a call from Smart Live Casino on 14/11/2014, He said that All the remaining amount (9500) would be cleared by 20/11/2014. I am not sure how thay would do that at once because they paid only 2000 on 11/11/2014 and then disappeared.

Abdul Rahman

Posted on November 21, 2014.

We have now resolved this issue with the customer. We explained that it was delayed because he requested a large withdrawal and we needed to carry out additional security checks according to company policy.

If you require any further information on this matter, please get in contact with us.


Smart Live Casino

rabdul10 United Kingdom
Posted on November 22, 2014.

Dear AskGamblers,

I recieved another 2000 on 19th November 2014. The Customer Service Manager " Benjamen Bedford" foned me and told me that the remaining 7500 would be paid to me on the 25th November 2014. I hope they would pay me this time the full amount.

I also recieved an email i.e.

Dear Abdul.

Thank you for playing with SmartLive Casino.

Firstly we would like to apologise for any issues you have experienced in our Casino. We appreciate every frustration and have taken this on board.

Our main reason for this email is to assure you that all your funds that are pending with us, will be processed by Tuesday the 25/11/2014. Please bear with how long it has taken for your withdrawal to be processed as this is only a one off occasion and this will never happen again.

To prove our honesty, we will make all your payments by the date given above and if you do play, win and the request a withdrawal again, I can confirm that it will not take as long as this initial request. From now on your withdrawal will be sent within 3 to 5 working days.

Once your full payment has been made, we will contact you. If you have any further queries or concerns, please feel free to contact us, we will be delighted to help. On behalf of SmartLive Casino, we are truly sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

If in future you wish to make further complaints as you may not be happy with how your query has been dealt with, please feel free to follow our formal complaints procedure. This procedure has also been explained under our 7.2. of our General terms and conditions. For more information, please follow this link; http:/­/ww­w.s­mar­tli­veg­ami­ng.c­om­/co­nte­nts­/co­mmo­n/e­n/t­erm­sco­ndi­tio­ns.a­sp­x?C­ult­ure­Cod­e=E­N#t­itle7

Thanks again for your patience.

Benjamin Bedford,
Customer Service Manager

I am waiting to be paid the remaining 7500 pounds on the 25th November 2014.


Abdul Rahman

Posted on November 26, 2014.

Dear @rabdul10,
Did you received your funds, any news about this issue?

rabdul10 United Kingdom
Posted on November 27, 2014.

Hi there,

Yes I recieved it yesterday.


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