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Hippodrome Online Casino - Payment of £11,300 delayed for 17 days and counting

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Hippodrome Online Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Amount £ 11300
Trustnoone United Kingdom Message
Posted on April 14, 2019

Hi guys, I’ve recently withdrew a significant amount of money from said online casino on the 27th of March the amount was (£11300) the week before I withdrew (£7200) successfully without a problem , I won this on roulette - no bonuses used !
I waited the allotted time for processing and they told me they needed to verify my account which I did with relevant documentation! ( this took 8 days ) the withdrawal was marked paid ( April 4th) so I waited until the Monday (April 8th ) and still no money , I contacted them and was informed that it would be in my account with in 2 business days as they had a few problems with their processing( this sounded iffy to me ) I waited until the Wednesday 10th still no money , I contacted them again by phone email and online chat , each assuring me the money will be in within 2 business days we are now on day 16 and still no money !! It seems like they are giving me the run around or something fraudulent is happening! I’m wondering what my next steps are as I’ve tried contacting them again today and their phones are off !! They are under the betway group and all calls are directed to South Africa.If you could help that would be great ? Thanks a lot.

Hippodrome Online Casino Complaints

  • 2 of 10 resolved
  • 5 days avg response
  • 1 week avg complaint life
  • 3,997 USD avg amount

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