Hippodrome Online Casino - Did they cut off my jackpot?

posted on February 5, 2014.

i was playin hippodrome casino online earlier today

i got a jackpot round suddenly page just freezes

i refresh couple of times sill stuck just sayin jackpot bonus round

meanwhile i google ther number to call them,

rest of my laptops workin fine and internet is fine,so it defo wasnt my end

then a note comes up saying session time out

wouldnt let me sign back in for couple of mins

when i sign back in the jackpot round activated and i win the minimum 10 pounds.

i believe i had actually won alot more and they stoppped my game, signed me out wouldnt allow me to sign back in until they rectified it to the minimum win

there was 2 million, 10,000 and 100, and 10

i called them

initially phone got answered immediatley

when i explained the situation they cut me off

i tried calling back numerous times

even from a different number and they just ignored the call

i really think somthing dodgy has gone on there

dont see why i should have a session time out wen i win jackpot round, was working fine before jp round and worked fine after.

i have just read they are a rogue site, i probably won the 2 million or 10,000 and they stopped my game,fixed it to there liking . they need investigating.

lets hope i get the 150 i withdrew,was told it would be in my acc today, when i didnt receieve it i contacted them to be told 48 hours waiting period before withdrawal is processed. seems the staff there dont even know whats going on. what a shambles.

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