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Haven't received my withdrawal - 3 weeks chasing Platinum Play Casino

posted on July 31, 2012.

I did a simple withdrawal of my winnings from my account. The casino had all the requirements needed to make this payment to me and it would take up to 10 working days, which I think is too long anyway. I called them and I was gaureented a specfic date that the funds will be in there and the story got changed everyday. I was told it was finalized and processed on the 18th of July and that the money is in my VISA account and that I should have received it but I didn't. I started to chase this up with them. They gave me an "ARN" tracking number to provide to my bank. My bank has heard of no such thing and there are no funds waiting to be cleared to me at all.

They couldn't give me any answers. Its been 3 weeks now and I have spoken to so many people at the support team that seem to have no idea of how to handle this. Everything I say they have a quick responses that just end up frustrating you, there is no way of getting through to them. So finally they still think they can get this withdrawal to me but are asking me for more documentation that is not even needed or heard of. They even laugh at the situation. I have done everything they have asked and its all seems too much for a simple banking transaction. They aren't doing anything on their side to clear this up for me.

posted on August 29, 2012.


Please forward your account / e-mail details to [email protected]­for­tun­elo­ung­ so I can investigate.



VP Operations

Fortune Lounge

posted on August 30, 2012.

Although I have not received the details from the player, we managed to establish the identity of the player as this was a very unique situation.

The withdrawal was indeed processed to his VISA card on 17 July. The player contacted us on several occasions to inform us he had not received the funds even though we received confirmation from the processor that the funds had been processed successfully. We supplied him with an ARN (Acquirer Reference Number) so his bank could trace the funds and he insisted that his bank did not know what an ARN number was (which is highly improbable). We then requested certain information from him which he needed to get from his bank. This information was requested from us by VISA in order to investigate the issue. He, however, refused to get us the information and kept on offering excuses that his bank would not provide us with the information.

All we required was an official confirmation from the bank that they have checked the account and that the funds could not be traced through the ARN number.

Due to the lack of co-operation from the player we were unable to pursue this matter further and we provided him with an official letter from our processors that confirmed that the funds had been deposited into his VISA card account.

The player, since, charged back his purchase.

Having received no evidence to the contrary and with the player refusing to contact us, we are still convinced that player had indeed been paid.

I have also checked all recorded calls we had with this player and, at no stage, was anyone "laughing" at him. This was a serious matter.

The player's account has since been locked and will remain so for receiving a substantial withdrawal and for then charging back his deposits.


VP Operations

Fortune Lounge