GuruPlay Casino - my money is locked

hercul Belgium
posted on April 13, 2013.

I have had a 96 € winnings and it has been kept in my casino account and I can not use it on live games or withdraw my own money.

have send them at least 15 e-mails complaining about it and in the begining they send some stupied e-mails back asking me to wait 2 more days or 1 more days but now 10 days later still my money is locked in my casino account and i can not use it on anything else than their stupied riggede slot games.

I am sure that is their way of cheating players out of their winning so u get frustrated with them and gamble ur winnings .

this is a very very sad site with a very very poor custumer services .

very very low trafic .almost a non excisted bonus offering and just not a good place to go to have some fun gambling .

my advice is to stay a way from this casino and if there is a problem do not try to count on their custumer services.