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GuruPlay Casino denial of payment

posted on March 18, 2013.


I am having huge trouble getting payments from gurplay poker who i believe are powered by SmartLivepoker and and are on the Ongame network and are part of the SmartLive group. They keep promising to pay but do so very late or as with the last withdrawal not at all

I have been playing poker online with Guruplay. I started playing with the company in Oct 2012 and initially I lost money (around 4000eu) and had to make a few deposits. I can't check the exact times because my account is now locked After many hours at the poker tables over Christmas playing tens of thousands of hands I had a good run and by the end of December I made a withdrawal for 2000eu which was about half of the total I had deposited and the money was in my account within 24hrs. Then around Jan 20 I tried to withdraw 3500eu which was left pending for a month with no action taking by SmartLive and again I tried 2000eu in February and again the withdrawal was left pending bringing the total withdrawal to 5500eu. I have been travelling since January and had assumed there was a genuine problem and the money would be on its way soon so I kept playing with Guruplay on an almost daily basis when I was away and had run up a total account balance of 19k.Eventually I became suspicious as it became apparent I was purposely being delayed payment. Although after constant emails and phone calls all I got told was that the "payment was being processed by the payments team and would be done shortly" then after several long stressful weeks eventually on March 11th I did receive the 5500eu.

However because I still have quite a large balance and given the delaying tactics SmartLive had used for the previous 7 weeks or so as soon as I had the 5500eu in my moneybookers account I requested another 10k hoping that perhaps the last situation would not occur again. Given the delay on the 5500eu I was dreading the fight to get 10k. In my experience I have never had a withdrawal take longer than 1 working day into a MoneyBookers account but unfortunately its has been over a week and I am already experiencing exactly the same problem and exactly the same "payment is being processed by the payments team and would be done shortly" type excuses as I did with the previous withdrawal for several weeks. I am told that my withdrawal is being processed by the payments team by email and when I rang GuruPlay/SmartLive (when you ring the Guruplay contact number you get through to SmartLive customer service) Wednesday morning 13/3/13 I was told I would receive my money later that day/early next day (they had said several times before when I was trying to withdraw the 5500eu last month and had not done so) and there was no surprise then when it didn't arrive and still hasn't.

The account has been verified as I sent all the information they required to verify my account before I started playing with them as they requested. I have all the email correspondence, detailed hand histories and Moneybookers records. There is also whatever additional information Ongame may have that prove that every word I say is true.

I have read stories about this company on the Internet and they read VERY similar to mine. I just typed in SmartLive payout refusal into google and there they were. Now they were from the casino department of the company. However the poker department are doing the exact same thing.

The stories I read said that the company suspended the account and then tried to negotiate a lower payment or try not to pay at all and claim some rule breach.

So now this weekend I have found that after i wrote a strongly worded email expressing my disappointment and yet again requesting payment.I got a reply saying my email had been forwarded to upper management. Then when i checked my account a day later I found it has been inexplainably suspended although I have not played on the account for weeks and the 4 customer service employees cant tell me why (I have rang 4 times)

Although I didn't even win the money of them but of other poker players on the Ongame Network, its seems SmartLive will do anything to avoid payment. I have dealt with anumber of different gaming companies in the past and have never experienced anything like this. They are at best trying to drag out the process as long as possible and I am genuinely fearful that I will never see some or all of my money.

Thanks for your help

posted on March 26, 2013.

Payouts are handled by Smart Live Group, Guruplay operating as a whitelabel under their license. The title of this thread is therefore not correct. Payment to this client will ultimately been honoured, as it has been in the past.

posted on March 27, 2013.

I don't fully understand the link between guruplay and smart live I deposited money with guruplay and played poker through them but when I try and contact customer service I end up talking to Smart Live.

Just to update, after I complained to customer service about not getting paid the reaction was to suspend my account. I was told it was due to a technical fault and would be able to access it on Thursday and nearly a week later still no access. I contacted them about 4 times by phone they couldn't even find my account on their system! Each time they said they couldn't help me at the moment but would get back to me-on each occasion they never got back to me

I received 4.5k of my 10k withdrawal request last week. No answers from customer service about the rest of the money