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Grand Hotel Casino - Grand Hotel don't pay my win about 4150 USD since 47 days


Complaint Info

Disputed casino

Grand Hotel Casino


$ 4150

Posted on February 9, 2022

I played for 8 years in the Casino Rewards group. Since 5 years in Grand Hotel. It's a member of Casino Rewards.

In January 2019 I had a win of 1000 USD. Three years I won there nothing, the last year I spent there 1578 USD.

In the Casino Rewards Group I am a good player with Gold status near to Platin.

Before the Christmas days I had a good run with Assassins Moon, where I won 4250 USD.

I played without a bonus and my documents are accepted by Casino Rewards where I won

several times and never have any problems with the cashout.

The money stays always two days in the Casino, on the third day I get every time the remittance

about skrill immediately and for my bank it takes always nearly between 2 or 3 days. And always which a transaction number which is also important for skrills.

In Grand Hotel Casino I make a withdraw on the 20th December for my account of skrill.

See attached photo. No. 1

And on the 22nd December it was proceed, I saw it in the system, but I didn´t get a transaction number. Remittance to Skrill is as you know a real time transaction. But on this day I didn’t get It. So I make my first inquiry to Grand Hotel on the 23rd of December and the 24/7 live support From Grand Hotel Casino assert that they remit my winnings but skrill denied it. But this wasn´t true, on the picture cashier.1 you will find the missing transaction number.

My money was booked back to my players account of Grand Hotel.

This was the first wrong assert because I write with skrill and they definitely told me that there wasn’t a transfer for my account at the 23rd and also not on the following days.

Between Christmas days and the new year I made a new withdrawal to my bank account.

According to the cashier document see my first photo the remittance should be transferred on the 29th December. Normally it takes some days (2 days with SEPA max. 7 days with int. transfer) and so I started inquiries per email within the period from the 6th January to the 24th January with 8 emails where I want to have evidence for the Transaction. I never got an answer. Only response I got on the 16th January was that I have to write to [email protected] So I put it additionally to the email addresses I wrote before as follows: suppor­[email protected]­asi­nor­ewa­rds.com and suppor­[email protected]­rhe­lpd­esk.com.

For 8 emails from 6th, 11th 13th 14th, 17th, 19th 23rd and 24th January 2022 they ignore it.

I didn´t get the evidence for the transaction.

Between the last week of 2021 I started to chat with the live support again and with every chat I got an answer that my winnings are on the way and I have to wait for it.

I recognized that the last digits of my account ends with 51 in the cashier script instead of 00 and I chat again with the live support on the 24th Jan.

The much important point is an answer at 9: 54 a.m. in the chat page 5 yellow lined

That they have had a bit of a backlog and are still trying to catch up. (see enclosed doc3)

And after it immediately change the conversation partner who meant I have to investigate by swift where my money is. And this I find is a hard lie.

So I come to the result that my winnings never left the casino.

  1. There is no transaction number as normal for the skrill transaction
  2. Not one of my emails are answered.
  3. The transaction code ref. my bank account is definitely wrong and everybody knows to use
  4. The correct Iban Number for a remittance.( attached photo4)

And last not least the statement of an employee that they have had a bit of bad log.

Feeling that they have current financial problems I made them a suggestion to pay my winnings.

In rates. But on the next day the 25th January I got again a message that my winnings has been remitted to my bank account (see enclosed pictur­eCa­shi­er2.png).

I am waiting until the 4th February asking again the payment department and got the answer that the money is on the way and I have to check it with my bankers. They send to me a payment confirmation from Western Union. But again the 10 digits number named MCTN number I missed.

So I have a long conversation with my bankers, they checked the whole time period but don´t find the transfer and can confirm additionally that a transaction of 4150 USD never was rejected.

I informed the casino about the new facts and that only the sender can follow the way from the transaction and not the consignee, its the same system as for parcels. This was also the opinion from my bankers. Twice I asked for the MCTN transaction number but instead will get this number I got an email that I have to investigate with my bankers again.

The withdrawal of my payment has now an overdue about 47 days, which means nearly 7 weeks.

I am now requesting immediate payment with skrill by them.

Please help me in that case. With more than 20 emails and a long period of chatting I don´t have an effort.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Posted on February 11, 2022

Hi there

I will check into this and get back to you.

Posted on February 13, 2022

Hi there,
and what happen now? You have got some days more but for me without any result. Again further with delaying tactics??? Regards Peter

Posted on February 13, 2022

People who I need to speak to don't work weekends. You'll have to be patient.

Posted on February 13, 2022

I've managed to speak with the payments team. They told me that your missing withdrawal was escalated to the processor. They provided a receipt confirmation that the funds were successfully sent out, which was shared with you. They advised that you will need to supply this document to your banks technical team to be able to locate the funds using the information provided on the receipt.

In the case where your bank is unable to locate the transaction in question, not even with the receipt provided, the processor requires a letter on headed paper from your bank which includes the following for our payment processor to complete a payment trace:

- Must note the account/card details where payment was sent
- That the bank has checked their internal suspense accounts and recipients account with the aid of the ARN provided
- The letter must be on headed paper from the bank and requires a contact name and number at the bank
- The letter must also mention the amount of the transaction they are investigating.

This is to ensure the bank has indeed investigated and did not find the funds, because on our side we see that it was successfully deposited and nothing has bounced back to us.

I have been told that you have refused to provide us with the letter as described above. If this is the case there is nothing more we can do as the transaction is successful on our side and we have provided your bank with a receipt confirmation they can use the locate the funds.


Posted on February 15, 2022

Dear Mr./ Mrs ???,

First of all I would like to welcome it and its an act of politeness to know with whom I write.
Your advancement was discussed with your cashier dept. with some emails between the 25th to 27th January. You asked again for a document from my bank which isn´t possible. Everybody who works in a finance dept. knows that an investigation can only requested by the sender not by the consignee. This is not a german rule this is international reglements and I am wondering about the fact that you or your cashier dont know it. But I don´t want to repeat this discussion again its definetely not possible to send it to you. Your Casino Grand Hotel are in a delivery obligation since the 22nd december and after 54 days you are working again with delaying tactics. And I dont want to repeat it here what a Western Union Bankers said to me after he saw the document from "Western Union" you present to me. You should also know that a transfer with Western Union will be accompanied by a 10 digits MCTN Number which this document you sent doesnt have. And I asked after this number two times. So please feel free , if you have any kind of problems to make me your suggestion to pay my win in rates. We are now in step 1 of my planed 5 steps . Up to the
date of the 17th we come to the next and much more harder step.

Kindly regards

Posted on February 15, 2022

This is what I received from our payments department. The funds have been sent and have not returned to us. As you can imagine we have thousands of players withdrawing every day and it is impossible for us to contact every bank individually, which is why you were given the instructions.

Did you give the receipt to the technical team at your bank? Or did you just give it to the general bank manager? Because I have seen this in the past where the document was given to the wrong person who had no idea what to do with it. Once the right person was given the document, the funds were located.

Unfortunately since I do not work directly in the payments department, I have no idea what you're talking about regarding western union. I cannot see your screenshots and there are no notes in the account about western union. The above information is what the payments team gave me. If your bank *will not* supply the document, forward their correspondence stating so to the payments team so they can see that you are not able to supply the information they asked for, and perhaps they can give you another option.

I'm trying to help here but if you refuse to do what they have asked there's not much more I can do.

Posted on February 17, 2022

For normal cases you are right. You are sitting in front of a banking manager of person. My Bank is a direct Bank and I can only phone with them. This i did again this morning. The result is that the transaction didn´t reach definetely to my bankers and account. But because the transfer has been done by Western Union, they need a 10 digits number. This named MCTN Number. Can you send it plse. to my email adress? Thanks in advance . Peter

Posted on February 18, 2022

Thanks. I will chase this up with payments. As it is a weekend now I will not have an answer until early next week.

Posted on February 21, 2022

Regarding to your answere from Friday plse. let me know the 10 digits MCTN Number from Western Union so that we can follow where the money is as your request.

Posted on February 22, 2022

I'm still waiting on a reply. Will come back once I hear.

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