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GoGoCasino - Unnecessarily delaying withdrawal with no contact or information provided

Complaint Info
Disputed casino GoGoCasino
Reason Delayed payment
Amount € 2250
runbadman Sweden
Posted on August 17, 2019

I have played casino since 2009 both big and small and I have been going through numerous verification and control procedures.
Mostly these are done and fully handled within a couple of working days. Of course it can take some time but with good communication this is usually no problem.

My case:
The last year we have got a lot of new casino brands in Sweden, usually called Pay N Play casinos.

GoGoCasino is one of them, if I google them, this is the first hit i get.
"Casino | GoGoCasino™ Uttag på 3 minuter | gogocasino.com‎
Annons ads.gogocasino.com/‎
Spela casino med den unika Swipe & Play funktionen hos GoGoCasino™.
Det ska vara enkelt att spela casino. Njut av hundratals slots och live casino spel. 24/7 Kundtjänst.
Betala med Swish. Alltid snabba uttag. Snabba utbetalningar. Inget krångel. Typer: Slots, Live Casino."

This translate to: "Withdrawal in 3 minutes. Play casino with the unique Swipe & Play function at GoGoCasino.
It should be easy to play casino. Enjoy hundreds of slots and live casino games. 24/7 customer service.
Pay with Swish. Always fast withdrawal. Fast withdrawal. No hassel."

This is the type of casino where you don't create an account, you just verify yourself with your mobile bank identification, make a direct deposit from your account via trustly/swish and when you are done playing, you automatically get a withdrawal to that account if you have any money left in the session. This has worked flawlessly for me on all brands ive tried, hajper, snabbare, fastbet, speedybet etc and also GoGoCasino.

I have been playing multiple sessions at GoGoCasino, with big deposits and big withdrawals. I have been depositing over 5000 euros and I have also made withdrawals for around 4000 euros, so a total of 1000 euros deficit.

Last week I wanted to play some slots, as the time was after midnight I know that one of my regular casinos Bethard isn't handling any withdrawals and I didn't want to wait in case I should win anything so I decided to go to GoGoCasino. Did a couple of deposits, around 1000 euros and at last I won back and some more at Flamebusters and then some at Moon Princess til i reached a total of around 2500 euros. I played down to around 2250 euros and decided to end my session. "Swipe and withdraw to account xxxxxxx-xxxx" You are now logged out.

I went to sleep and when I woke up i logged in to my bank account and found out that I didn't received my withdrawal.
I then went to the casino site and tried to login without success, it failed multiple times. I waited for a couple of hours but nothing changed and I didn't receive any information / messages regarding this.

I then contact customer service who informs me that my withdrawal is undergoing a "random security check" and I ask how long this usually takes/how long it could take. No answer but "this is case is at another department"

I wait for two days, still no contact or information. Contact customer service again and get the exact same answer as the first time.

I wait for another two days, again, still no contact or information. This time I don't ask about my case since I know I will get the same answer yet again but instead I ask if there is any way of filing a report or making a complaint about this case directly to the company. This question was just ignored so I guess that they doesn't have this but I instead have to use a third party and directly to the permit givers and or the authorities. While ignoring my question they again, gave me the exact same answer: "Another department, cant give any information or estimate time to handle the case"

We are talking about peoples money here and there is no information at all and no transparency at all.
If I didn't try to look in to this myself I still, after a full working week shouldn't have received any information about this "random security check" at all. In my world this isn't right in any way.

Posted on August 19, 2019


I'm sorry to hear that you have been experiencing some difficulties with your withdrawal and accessing your account.

Unfortunately, due to GDPR I do not have access to your account or personal information from here in order to check into this for you. I kindly advise that you contact ,e directly via live chat asking to raise an official complaint so this may be passed over to the relevant team to look into accordingly.

Please do let me know should you require any further assistance.

Have a great week!

runbadman Sweden
Posted on August 19, 2019

Hi and thanks for your fast response in this case.

However it seems that I cant get that help from the live chat. I have tried this my self last week (as described in my complaint) but after your reply I tired again. I first copied your reply and support came back with the standard answer that my case is stuck in a "random seciroty check" and that they can't give me any information or estimate handling time.

I then replied:
"(02:55:25) Me: Jag är medveten om detta och det är därför jag varit i kontakt med er flera gångerunder förra veckan. Utan någon information. Men nu har det som sagt gått över en vecka så min fråga är hur jag går till väga för att göra ett klagomål för detta ärende då jag inte anser att det är ok att det tagit så här lång tid utan någon information.

(03:10:19) Support: Dessa ärenden kan ta upp emot en månad, det är så för alla. Du kan alltid kontakta spelinspektionen om du önskar göra det som är vår spellicens

(03:15:36) Me: Ok, då förstår jag att jag inte kan eskalera detta mer via er? Upp till en månad alltså, trots att Anton sa att ärendet var prioriterat. Då har jag i så fall nog inget mer du kan hjälpa mig med nu Madelene.
(03:16:24) Support: Ärendet är prioriterat men det kan bara dröja en längre tid ändå, vi jobbar på det så snabbt vi kan"

This translates to:
"(02:55:25) Me: I am aware of this and that is why I have been in contact with you several times last week. Without any information. But now it has been over a week so my question is how I can make a complaint about this case as I don't think it is ok that it has taken this long without any information.

(03:10:19) Support: These cases can take up to a month, that's for everyone. You can always contact spelinspektionen if you wish to do that, that's our gaming license.

(03:15:36) Me: Okay, then I understand I can't escalate this anymore through you? So for up to a month, even though Anton said the matter was a priority. Then I have probably no more you can help me with now Madelene.

(03:16:24) Support: The matter is a priority but it can take a long time anyway, we are working on it as fast as we can "

For the first time, in five chat conversations I at least gets a time frame; up to a month to handle this case, even though it is a priority.
For a casino that markets itself for its fast payouts, this feels like I have been fooled.

Support also refer me to the Swedish "Spelinspektionen" if I want to make a complaint in this case, this isn't correct since withdrawals isn't a part of the new Swedish gambling law.

Unfortunately, my case continues to be unsolved.

runbadman Sweden
Posted on August 19, 2019

After my latest conversation with GoGoCasino they have have now made the payouts to me.

I haven't received any contact from GoGoCasino but the case is now solved!

runbadman Sweden
Posted on August 19, 2019

Thanks to the GoGoCasino representative here and thanks to AskGamblers for this service.

I have no more to add to this matter and I am happy with that my case is now solved!

Posted on August 19, 2019

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

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