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InterCasino - Error handling the correct deposit and problem with recovering funds


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Posted on May 13, 2018

When making a deposit with the help of skrill - where I had everything went correctly with the information that the payment was made correctly as I always do in other casinos, click continue to go back to the casino. Whenever you go to the casino, the funds were on your account. Something that aroused my suspicions in this cape, due to the fact that the payment had a pending status on the casino site. I logged in to the skrill to check if the deposit was made correctly - of course the funds from the account were collected and the payment status was processed. I thought I should wait until the deposit is added to my account. After some time I enter and to my surprise the status of the deposit changed to canceled.

I first contacted the skrill support to make sure everything went well. I received the answer from them that the funds sent were on the recipient's account, I was given an ID on the side of the recipient of the payment so that the casino had an easier task with possible finding it. Skrill informed me that if the funds are not returned to my account within 48 hours, I will report to them again.

Then I went to the live chat casino to report the situation. I have been given the assurance that within 24 hours funds will be returned to my skrill account. After 24 hours, the funds were not refunded, of course. I went again to live chat where to my surprise the operator told me that they did not receive my payment. So I gave them the transaction number obtained from skrill on the recipient's account - I was informed that I will receive an email reply. After another 24 hours and a complete silence I wanted to find out where my money is and once again I heard that they did not receive my payment.

So, I started to describe everything, I attached all the messages from Skril's support, and then I was asked for a screening screen and a list of transactions from the moment I made the deposit to the current moment. I sent and I had to wait for an e-mail. The case is obvious if the skrill support from the recipient's account downloads the transaction number and sees that my funds have arrived and the casino support can not find them, something is wrong. I have been referred to some investigation where I have evidence from skrill that my payment has still not received a refund.

Every time I enter a live chat, I hear the same thing that I get an answer to the email which starts to irritate me for 3 days, I did not get any answer.

If necessary, I have subscriptions to conversations with lc and information from skrill about the receipt of my payment by the recipient.

The casino behaves as if it did not want to give me back my funds. I am asking for the return of the transferred amount to my skrill account as soon as possible.

Posted on May 13, 2018

Dear @mscreative,

Please make sure to update your complaint accordingly and clarify the total amount of the disputed deposit amount/s.

Thanks for cooperating the AskGamblers Complaints Team.