Doyles's Room don't pay

posted on July 14, 2011.

My name is avraham cohen i would like to complain about doyles casino

to make a long story short i was a player at doyles for some time..

1 day i deposited 500$ x2 (1000$) came out on top with over 4000$ its was 4545 to be exact ..and then ask to withdraw my winnings called them many times with no real answers just somthing about changing thier casino software at the end after i had installed thier new software i called to ask about my money i was told that there are no records of me what so ever after i made a fuss they dug up my records and informed me that i dont have any winnings i took the call to manegment and spoke to Mr David Miller about this long story he said he will see what he can do the end he has given me my 1000$ deposit back but not my winnings with some kind of story that the casino did not pay any of the old system players and that my account has been TAGED ...WHAT KIND OF BULL .. IT IS THAT.

I have evan seen 1 of their web sites under U.S governent sieze for something illegal that they are doing...