Doyle's Casino Dont Pay

posted on July 8, 2011.

Hi to you all my name is Bogdan Cnis

I was a regular payer at Doyles casino and they closed my account for over a month

I must of called them 10 times and got all kinds of stories about my account I had won $3,234 so the firs few calls i was told that the person i need to speak to is not there and I was told they would call me back ...wich was not the case at the end i was told that i sould not worry that the casino is ganging there systems and that my winnings where safe and will be put credited to the new system..sounded ok to me..called back after a few days to check up spoke to a guy by the name of David Miller who reopened my account and told me i only have the 500 deposit instead of the $3,234 i was in total shock because i had been told that my money was 100% safe and was told not to worry..i would like them to give me my winnings because if i had lost they would of kept the money.


bogda cnis