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Cosmik Casino - Deposits not been credited to my account balance


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brightstar868 United Kingdom Message
Posted on December 11, 2014

I've had a bad experience with Cosmik Casino over the last week, maybe some of this was my fault in not reading the bonus conditions but really who reads them any way, you expect a level of restriction when you are playing and none of those restrictions are in place to prevent you from going over them. It started on 28th Nov when I joined Cosmik, I deposited £60 which converted to 72.69 euros and received a bonus of 112.58 euros I started to play live roulette and made a first bet of 178 euros I quickly started to rack up a big balance as I won 1386 on this first spin, at one point winning a single spin on the roulette of 27000 euros, I eventually stopped playing after a couple of hours with a balance of 17100.27 euros, after trying several times to withdraw a balance, it eventually let me withdraw 16986 euros. Went to bed feeling very happy, but that was the beginning of painful experience that I am now going through, I received the email to tell me my withdrawal was being processed on the same day, however 2 days later I received an email from the finance department of cosmik to advise my withdrawal was being cancelled for irregular play. I queried this with them and was given a standard reply quoting reference 103 of their terms and conditions, I checked these conditions and one of the things on there was that I couldn't bet more than 30% of the bonus at any one time, however at no point during the betting did I get any error messages or preventions from stopping me doing any big bets. So fine, I accept this and ask them to return my deposits I made after I had requested the refund of 16986 euros, as I wouldn't have put more money on if I knew I wasn't going to get anything back from the withdrawal request. Cosmik said that they would honour returning these deposits but have so far failed to do so and its been nearly 3 days since they said they would do this, all they have done at the moment is put back my first deposit, so currently I have a balance of 72.69 euros, which I can't withdraw as they have a minimum withdrawal of 100 euros. I'm now getting the run around saying that they are processing the deposits as quickly as they can, I can't see why this is taking so long as they were quick enough to remove the 16986 euros I had and credit the 72.69 back onto my account. The total deposits that I am waiting for is 472.78 euros on top of my original deposit of 72.69 euros.

Posted on December 9, 2014

Dear brightstar868,

The refunds were processed a few days ago and should show up in your account soon. We'll contact AskGamblers with the proof of payment, so they will be able to confirm this.

Kind Regards,

Cosmik Support Team

brightstar868 United Kingdom Message
Posted on December 10, 2014

Thank you Cosmik for the refunds and thank you Ask Gamblers for a place to log my complaint. I have received all payments due and agreed. Lets not forget though that a huge win of £13.5K uk sterling was won here and rejected, because I didn't read the terms of the bonus, and actually I never never accept a bonus, this was one of those sneaky ones you don't know has been awarded. But I will have to live with that and perhaps lady luck will preside over me one more time. Gutted as I always bet the same numbers and I would have still won a fortune without the bonus. A learning curve. Thanks everyone