Hippodrome Online Casino - Deposit Limit Request Ignored

unhappypunter123 United Kingdom
posted on January 6, 2015.

I have been ripped off to the tune of 4K by this casino. I joined on Saturday, and sent an email to their support requesting a deposit limit of 100.00 pounds per week. This was ignored and I was able to make several deposits totalling 4000.00 pounds. I did have a bit o luck near the end, got up to 6700.00 and requested a withdrawal. I requested a lock on my account for 2 days on Sunday until the withdrawal was processed, but I was told by livechat on Monday that it had been processed and was on its way to my bank. I then got the account reopened as I thought there would be no temptation for me to gamble this money away as it would not be waiting in my casino account, but I was wrong and stupidly played it all away. I now feel completely sick and wish they had put in place the deposit limit I had requested. I work hard to earn this money, and my planned holiday for this year has just gone down the drain.

unhappypunter123 United Kingdom
posted on January 6, 2015.

I have also raised this with ECOGRA as I believe that in this case Hippodrome Casino have ignored their own responsible gambling terns, as I sent an email requesting the deposit limit of 100.00 25 minutes after opening the account. The points below are what I want answered by Hippodrome:

1. Why did they not action the request to have the deposit limit set at 100.00, when there is proof that the request was made 25 minutes after account opening? If they had put this in place, I would be almost 4,000.00 better off at this moment.
2. Why was I told by live chat that the withdrawal had been processed on Monday and could possibly be in my bank account by Tuesday when it had not been processed? Unsurprisingly, they cant find the transcript of this live chat.
3. Why did they allow me to reopen the account before the withdrawal was processed, even though I had expressly requested that the account should be locked until the withdrawal was processed? The only reason that I requested the unlocking of the account was that I had been assured the withdrawal was processed earlier in the day.

unhappypunter123 United Kingdom
posted on January 8, 2015.

I have one more question to ask, and it is why did Hippodrome not adhere to their Responsible Gambling Policy, that states that when a cool off is requested, the account will be locked until the cool off period expires. If they had kept to their policy, I wouldn't have been able to log into my account until the 6,700.00 pounds had been cleared and sent to my bank account. No doubt they will just ignore this point as well.

unhappypunter123 United Kingdom
posted on January 9, 2015.

Received a call from Hippodrome today to say its all my fault, I shouldn't have gambled and their agents didn't do anything wrong by not putting in place a deposit limit and by opening my account again before the cool off was finished. So I am 4,000.00 pounds down, no holiday, on the verge of a breakdown and the casino has no responsibility. Stay away from Hippodrome if you value your sanity, and want to get a fair chance gambling.

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