Jackpot247 Casino - Delaying verification and payment

Lukewba14 United Kingdom
posted on September 13, 2014.

Made a withdrawal a month ago for £600, sent all documents the required ie. bank card id utility bill.

Firstly my utility bill wasn't accepted, fair enough. Sent another. Waited a week for a reply. Then they were asking for a photo of me holding my id which was strange as I had not been asked for this in the first email. So I sent them it.

Been waiting on a resolution for this for nearly two weeks. Been in contact with customer service "it will be processed in 24 hours" 48 hours pass I get in contact again "we have escalated your case" blah blah blah this was Thursday. Just received an email today stating my id was too blurry and to send in a higher resolution with me holding again. Would entirely understand if they hadn't had 4 pictures already of my id with the text clearly readable.

It's quite blatantly a way of deterring payments when they are quite quick to take money off you. Never had anywhere near as much of a problem with other casinos than these. Believe they have now had 9 identification photos of myself and they still can't believe who I am? I've had loans credit cards and all sorts, but it's a casino that can't make there mind up if I'm real or not?

Be very wary when using these.

posted on September 19, 2014.

We can see that there have been a number of emails back and forth between the player and ourselves. There was, as the player has mentioned, a problem with some of the documents. We are happy to confirm that as of today the final document was approved and therefore the withdrawal has been processed. We apologise for the delay the player has experienced in this instance – the payments should be with the player within 2-4 business days.

With kind regards,

Jackpot 247