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Jackpot247 Casino - Delaying payment

posted on July 23, 2014.

I signed up for and was fortunate enough to finally win the amount of £1450 after making 3 seperate deposits of £700.

My issue relates to extremely slow service and lack of support which other complaints state. I was asked the following day after my win to send various documents for ID verification, I sent them as requested but received no email confirmation which you would expect as a minimum for such sensitive documents.I rang the support line where Kim said that they had not received them although was done by email and I have proof sent to correct address as advertised. I therefor as requested by Kim to send them to her to the support address and she would get back to me to advise they had been received. Kim never got back to, so rang again to speak to Kelly who said they had and passed them on. I was advised that the ID verification takes 24hours so rang next day to make sure my payment has been processed to which I was told by Kim that they had still not received my documents even though Kelly said they had! Kim then went away and re informed this although still no email as promised to say this! Or no payment processed either! And this is beyond there timescales advertised.

Really not sure where to go with this as feels like deliberate delaying tactics to not pay, I never had to do any of this to use my debit card for

A response from would be much appreciated and confirmation that my payment is finally been processed, as I don't think this is a reasonable timescale. All other large casinos I've experienced payout straight away like they should. I'm sure every other game player will agree!

posted on July 24, 2014.

Thank you for your comments.

We are sorry that you are unhappy with the documentation that we have asked you to supply and the associated delay to your withdrawal.

With regards to the original request and the reasons behind it, the request for documentation is a standard request for all players to ensure we comply with eGambling and anti-money laundering procedures in the UK and Alderney. Depending on the account in question the request may be triggered by deposits, withdrawals or gameplay. We can absolutely assure you that the request is in no way designed to delay or disrupt the process of a withdrawal for our players.

Upon registering with the casino and making your first deposit we are required to carry out an age verification check using our age verification provider by using the details you have given, if the age verification check fails we would request documents from you in regards to this, however even when this initial identity verification check passes we would still require documents once you reach a certain threshold.

We do apologise if this has caused any inconvenience to you, but we are happy to confirm that we have received most of the information we require from you so that we can process your withdrawal. The confusion as to whether your documents had been received may be due to the fact that the copies supplied were clear and suitable for purpose, but the copy of your driving licence is, unfortunately, not adequate as it does not clearly show the photograph of yourself. We have already sent you a request by email for a better copy of this driving licence, and once it has been received we will be able to approve your account and process your withdrawal in line with the AML regulations we are duty bound to follow.

We hope that this serves to answer your query and provide you with some background information on why these checks are necessary. We look forward to receiving another copy of your driving licence and subsequently processing your withdrawal.

With kind regards,

Jackpot 247

posted on July 25, 2014.


I appreciate your response, as requested I resent an improved copy of all my ID as requested 2 days ago. As from my first complant again seems to have failed again sending any notification of receipt of such sensitive documentation.

I would of presumed after my first complaint that this situation would have been closed off by now, it's now a week ago since I last played and it doesn't seem like we are any closer to having my payment processed. I appreciate you have rules to abide by but this process seems to be taking an unreasonable time period.

I would like you to please have a look into my case and again let me know that my documentation has been received and my payment be processed. I have again spoke to your support team and Bruce assured me he will contact you, but I felt I will also as my confidence in them is not at its best due to recent experience.

I hope that you can finally resolve this situation.

Many thanks


posted on July 28, 2014.

We can see from your account that we received and confirmed via email that we were in receipt of all of your documents , following this was a confirmation email of your withdrawal being processed.

We are happy to confirm that your withdrawal was processed on the 25/07/14, please allow 3-5 working days for your bank to process this into your account.

We are sorry if there has been any inconvenience caused and if you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support Team

With best regards,

Jackpot 247

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