Bovada Casino - Delayed $7000 Withdrawal For Over Two Months

posted on May 23, 2016.

Filed for a withdrawal on 3/21 accepted 3/22 in the amount of $3000 via Visa Fast Funds... Same scenario as most, have been given the run around for two months. Have been very patient with Bovada. They recently refunded the $3000 withdrawal back into my account two weeks ago... I requested a NOW $7000 withdrawal via a bank wire ( was told it would be the absolute quickest solution) Currently on the third week after re-submitting the $7000 withdrawal. I called Bovada to check on it, and was told by customer service that they are AGAIN experiencing technical difficulties and payments are backlogged.... I should expect my bank wire within 15 business days... I asked to be transferred to player advocacy, so they did, and a representative insisted that my account is marked "high priority" and promises my payment is on schedule. This is ridiculous. I do not know what to believe, and the ethics of this company has driven me to NEVER play any online casino ever again... Hoping you guys can help come to a resolution given Bovada's customer service is of no help. NONE.

posted on May 25, 2016.

Bovada has fulfilled their obligations and have paid the Withdrawal Balance in full... Received payment today. Would recommend Bovada to not be so "in-direct" with their replies and answers to customers. It would of been 10x easier to deal with if they had been honest and straight forward from the start. Thank you Bovada and thank you
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posted on May 25, 2016.

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