Las Vegas USA Casino - Delayed Refund

Courtney Hartz United States
posted on September 12, 2016.

In June of this year, I deposited $70.00 in my account at las Vegas USA Casino on that I won $500.00. when speaking with customer service, they informed me that they weren't doing wire transfer payouts bc their machine was down n that they'd have to do courier and it could take 6-8 weeks. I then just asked for s refund. It had been 3 months and I have yet to be reimbursed. I have contacted them weekly until this past week when I have contacted them daily. They have given me every excuse under the sun... please help

posted on September 14, 2016.

Dear Courtney,
Your refunds were not posted because you told our Security Department that you had already initiated chargebacks for the deposits and that your bank took care of that. Given what you told us, we did not refund the deposits because according to what you said they were already being charged back. We have checked today and because we have not yet received chargebacks for your deposits we have refunded them to your card. To be clear, this only happened today for the reason stated here. Should you have any further questions please contact our Security Department directly. Thank you

Courtney Hartz United States
posted on September 17, 2016.

I have yet to see the refund and I am now unable to log in my account. When I go to speak to live chat , I'm always redirected to email... beyond dissatisfied