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Royal Vegas Casino - Delayed payment & confusing excuses

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Disputed casino Royal Vegas Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Posted on March 26, 2015

when i gave them my info to withdraw my winnings they said they could not put money back into the same credit card i used to make deposits with yet at the same time i had a timed out error occur when i was making a deposit and had some money go missing they were able to refund that money back into my exact same credit card that they said they were not able to deposit my winnings into...? How does that make any sense ....? After back and forth emails as to how i could claim my money i finally was able to submit the proper info for my banking in order to receive my money yet there email said up to 3 to 7 days to get my money im still waiting and it has been 12 days. i would encourage every one to share there nightmares with the world and give them a bad reputation, they can take your money in a matter of seconds but make it almost impossible to claim your winnings. yet if you were to go to a real life casino you would have your money before you walked out of the doors.

Posted on March 23, 2015

Hi Charles

When you requested the withdrawal on 4 March the withdrawal could not be refunded to the card you made the deposit through due to the bank profile the deposit was processed through. After we contacted you on 6 March to inform you to change your Preferred Method of Payment, you supplied us with some Swift details that were unfortunately incomplete.

Due to this, the withdrawal was refunded back to your casino account.

Please update your Preferred Method of Payment correctly and then proceed to withdraw again. Please let me know when you have done so in order for me to expedite the processing.

In terms of the time-out you mentioned, we could not find any trace of it and it could be your bank that refunded the money back to your card account.



Posted on March 26, 2015

Did you update your payment method, is your winnings processed?

Posted on March 30, 2015

I'm just getting back to you guys in regards to my issues with royal Vegas Canada, since my first request on March 6th to withdraw my winnings I have been getting the run around with there withdrawal methods. I first selected there visa method and two or three days later I was informed by "email" that it was declined and that I was to try another method, so I went to there live chat portal that was conveniently "busy" and left a message as to what would be the best route to take in regards to withdrawing in a timely manner. Again a day later I received a email saying that my message had been received and that somebody would be in touch with me to help me with my issue. After two or three days with no reply I tried them again and encountered the same issue (I left a message and a day later received the same message saying someone would be in touch with me) the next day I finally got a hold of some one and they told me to use the nettel method, so I registered with nettel and and to my surprise after a run around with royal Vegas I was told to contact nettel. Even though nettel Canada was on the list of methods for withdrawal on the royal Vegas Canada website I was informed that nettel did not work for Canadian residents......????? (Doesnt make sense to have them as a method of withdrawal when it clearly says that it wasn't available for Canadian residents on the nettel website) so this all took another 4 to 5 days of back and forth emails and online chatting. Again I contacted them as to what to do next and was told by them to use the ecopayz method so I filled out the royal Vegas form with the info that they told me I needed and again after 3 days I was informed that I didn't have the proper info for registering for that method with royal Vegas they sent me an email stating the info I needed and I replied back with said info, days later I was told that it was insufficient. So again I contacted them and asked what was needed finally a knowledgable lady told me the correct information that I needed and gave me a step by step direction how to go about it. Finally after 2 to 3 days I was accepted with royal Vegas and I registered with ecopayz and then I had a run around with ecopayz as to the proper info needed to set up a account and after another several days I received an email saying my application for a ecopayz account was approved and then I was shocked to learn I had to upgrade my ecopayz account to a silver account in order to withdrawal money from them...days later after another run around I finally was approved for the silver account and then another headache with the proper banking info needed to request a withdrawal after 3 weeks I finally was approved for my withdrawal and I am now waiting for my funds to be deposited In to my bank. This all took almost a month, they now tell me I should have the funds withen 3 to 5 business days...

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