Prism Casino - Delay in payment andlLied to by multiple reps

Matthew Sinkhorn United States
posted on September 21, 2017.

Hello, I originally requested my $100 withdraw on 7/4 (1st attachment). After spending wayyyy too much energy and time trying to get my withdraw, a rep finally told me that bitcoin was the issue and that it was not their fault. Even though I knew the bitcoin fork was right in the middle of happening, I also knew it had already been almost 2 months and I never received the payment, plus I had been sending and receiving bitcoins perfectly fine with other casinos, as soon as just 5 minutes before I started the conversation with him. Long story short, I just went with what the guy suggested, which was to cancel the bitcoin withdraw and request a check withdraw. I was worried about an even further delay but he ensured me that if I did that, he would expedite the check to the front and I would receive it soon. It would be the absolute quickest way to receive payment and that bitcoin may never be an option. Although I did not agree with his stance on Bitcoin, I complied... (attachment 2). Well it has been over a month since then and I have received 0 more updates. The one time I got thru on chat, I swear the cust. service rep told me, and I quote, "Why did you switch it from bitcoin withdraw to check withdraw? That just started you completely over. If you left it on bitcoin we would of paid you weeks ago". Now if that were true or not, who knows. I doubt it, since that would require them actually paying me, but still I am sure you can feel my confusion and frustration. It has been over 3 months since I first tried to cash out and at least a month since I have been able to get an update. I don't like to submit complaints but unfortunately I am out of options. Their live chat is always giving me the "too busy" response regardless of the day or time (attachment 3). Total cash out is $100 and I would like to get by my original request, via bitcoin. Please help. Thank you!

posted on September 25, 2017.

Hi Matthew--

Once again, I apologize for the delays with this.

I've checked on your account and I do see your payment was issued to your Bitcoin wallet, Friday.

I wish you all the best,


Matthew Sinkhorn United States
posted on September 25, 2017.

Just checked and can confirm payment. Thanks.

posted on September 25, 2017.

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

Thank you all for your cooperation.